Lenovo Legion Y520 Review: What Can A $849 Gaming Laptop Do!?


The 2017 Lenovo Legion Y520 is a Gaming laptop with a GTX 1050ti. It’s fast, portable and budget friendly. It’s perfect for those looking for a gaming laptop that can play all the latest games comfortably at 1080p without breaking the bank.

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  1. Bought this for video encoding whilst on the move, better option than sending multiple gb files via 4g to my desktop for remote encoding, ultimately saving time and money.
    First thing I did was upgrade to a faster ssd drive, so far so good.
    Will it last as long as even cheaper laptops from 15 years ago? No chance, because demands are much greater today, so expect it to crash and burn within 3 years if you are a heavy gamer etc

  2. What is the price of the lenove legion y520 i5 7th gen 8gb ram gtx1050ti 4gb 1tb hdd 128gb sad, just asking for confirmation because I am buying a 2nd hand in $680, it's 6 months old ,no damage should I buy it please tell me ???…!!!!!

  3. Hello! What do you think about this specs: Notebook Lenovo Gaming Legion Y520-15IKBM I7-7700HQ 2.8GHz / 16Gb / 256Gb SSD M.2 / GTX1060 6Gb / 15.6" Full HD IPS

  4. would this be a good choice for everyday rendering on softwares like premiere, after effects and etc? need a decent pc beside my macbook which is an old model.

  5. Hello,i would like to ask,which laptop is better to choose(both cost similar money)…one has i5 7300hq + 1060 max Q 6gb…second i5 8300h + 1050ti..i dont know if its better to get better CPU or GPU…

  6. i got this model but why i have some screen lagging issues while playing league of legends even tho with the lowest graphics settings, it goes 100+fps to 01fps and then raise again, again and again. can some help me witht that? but my older laptop with i3 and older version of graphics card can run with no issues. any expert?

  7. assuming i'm planning on dropping around $1,000 on a gaming laptop and i'd like to be able to handle most system intense games would this be a good laptop?

    The most intense game i'd like to play would probably be Battlefront 2 but most of the games would be far less intense
    IE: Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls 6 (Based on Bethesda's past releases I doubt it'd be very system intensive), AC Origins/Oddysey

  8. I just bought my Y520(refurbished) a couple of days ago and the display is crap i.e too dark and yellowish which is very annoying. is this fixable? or can i replace my display panel to better one in local market?


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