lenovo ideapad s400 ultraslim notebook


This video reviews the latest ultraslim notebook by Lenovo S400. It has Intel Core i3 Ultra low voltage processor,2GB ram,500gb HDD,1GB Ati radeon graphics,14.1 LED. The notebook is strikingly slim and looks just like an ultrabook. The downer although is 4 cell Li ion battery which will give not more than 2.5 Hrs of backup. The laptop is silver grey in colour and lenovo has done a good home work on launching this at 32K in india. watch the video for full review.

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  1. would not buy this laptop I have and is a truly disgusting and serves no repair 1 time and turned to decompose I am from californ ia

  2. Hi! I have an Ideapad S400. It says in the box that it has Dolby Advanced Audio V2. But I don't know how to access Dolby. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi,
    The lenovo S400 is a plastic makeover of the U410 as is evident in the video. It is a good buy for the price it comes at.

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  4. Hi,
    It will work like a charm. I am an ubuntu fan too. Let me know if you have any difficulty.

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  5. Great review. I'm considering buying this netbook to install Ubuntu on it. I see there is an hybrid drive…is it possible to install ubuntu on the 24gb SSD, and map the 500Go HDD under /home ??
    Thanks !!
    (ps : anything not working under ubuntu ?)

  6. let me ask u somenthing… i dont know anything about processor… pentium B997 is a good one… is it better than that one?

  7. Данный ноутбук нормально работает ТОЛЬКО под управлением windows 8. Официально заявлено Lenovo (8-000-607856) – низкая яркость экрана в иных версиях виндоус. Убунта не держится. Отношение самой компании Леново к этой проблеме – "мы продали его с Windows 8, и на нём гарантируем работу", их не колышат ни список поддерживаемых систем в "загрузке драйверов" ни отзывы на форуме. Для себя: Леново НЕ ПОКУПАТЬ.
    This notebook is only for Windows 8 (yes, like a phone), Unable to work in other OSes.

  8. plzzzzz reply as fast as u can
    the i need in my laptop is i5 processor,, 4 gb ram,, 320-500gb hard disk and backlit keybored
    the backlit is not neceesarry


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