Lenovo Ideapad 710S Hands On!


The Lenovo Ideapad 710S is a small and light laptop that’s great for people who like to travel light, but get there work done quickly.

“Do It Right” by Jingle Punks @ YouTube Audio Library

Lenovo Ideapad 710S Gaming –
Lenovo Ideapad Unboxing –
Ideapad 710S vs Dell XPS 13 –

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  1. can you please suggest me which one should I buy… Lenovo ideapad 710s or the Lenovo yoga 710???

  2. this is the dumbest review ive ever seen. the screen is not about 13.3 it is exacrly 13.3 and JBL technology does not mean anything

  3. i am considering this and macbook air, which one will you recommend? mainly for internet surfing, watching videos, doing work. i need 8gb ram and 256 ssd. also do you think its durable? i tried it at store and its definitely not as strong as macbook air. thanks for your help in advance.

  4. great screen , good performance , light weight , good look , lower price overall it's the perfect choice

    but the keyboard layout just broke my heart . switching position between right shift and pgUp key is a design fault

  5. Also, which one do you think is the better buy the HP envy 13 or the ideapad 710s? Just asking cuz they are the same price and I can't spend over 800 bucks 🙁

  6. Would you suggest the i5 base model for a student going into university? How would this compete with the XPS 13?


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