Lenovo Ideapad 510S 13 and 14 inch review and test results


The Lenovo Ideapad 510S 13 inch and 14 inch ultrabook style laptops are good value for money. We gave the 14 inch version a score of 8.4 / 10 and the 13 inch version an 8.2 / 10 score. Battery life is a potential issue for some people but otherwise these laptops are very interesting with good screens and an acceptable port selection. The Lenovo 510S 14 inch has an Iris Graphics GPU inside which gives it a good boost in performance over standard Intel HD graphics. Review links below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Lenovo IdeaPad 510S-13ISK Review

Lenovo IdeaPad 510S-14ISK Review

Feature specifications: Samsung MZYTY256HDHP, IPS full HD screen, Intel Iris graphics.

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  1. Крайне НЕ РЕКОМЕНДУЮ покупать данную модель! Пользуюсь около 2-х лет. Очень не довольна (((. По началу была эйфория от вида ноутбука-белый, тонкий, лёгкий. Но она быстро прошла, т.к стало понятно что с производительностью большие проблемы!! Я НЕ играю в игры, НЕ пользуюсь сложными программами, даже фильмы редко смотрю. Только интернет и всё. Но он и с этой простой задачей справляется еле-еле. После каждого включения приходится перезагружать, чтоб не вис. А виснет он ПОСТОЯННО и всегда без видимых причин!! После 2-х лет аккуратного использования появился битый пиксель (у меня такое впервые!), шумит. Мастер смотрел неоднократно, делал разные махинации, но ничего не помогло. Мучаюсь второй год. Если Вам дороги нервы, не выбрасывайте деньги на ветер, учитывая что цена на эту модель не низкая… Предыдущий мой ноут тоже был Леново, работает до сих пор на ура.

  2. question: Do you feel a difference in screen size between both and the effect of that on how you use them, because i'm in that dilemma now? Is the difference in size good in any way, or not noticeable?
    Anyone experience is appreciated too.

  3. Hi, does anyone know if the 14" model (with Nvidia graphic card) has M.2 SATA port for additional SSD storage ?

  4. I've got the Lenovo 510s 14 inch i7 3.6ghz version and only paid £585 for it at PC World after cash back discount. While it is a brilliant laptop for the money, the screen is not massively bright and the speakers don't get very loud. I had an Acer Aspire 13s before it, which had a very bright screen and loud speakers but it was only the i3 version I got and changed my mind because it had this irritating fan whine most of the time. If the Lenovo 510s i7 3.6ghz processor was available in the Acer and they got rid of the fan whine, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

  5. Your reviews are outstanding. Your presentation style and content are superior to most other review sites. I'm putting together a personal website/blog and will link to your channel.

  6. hey there, is this laptop have any bug on amd card while using linux? mine have amd card bug (i think vga always on perfomance, which really affect battery life ) while installing elementary os

  7. Really curious to see your review of the new ASUS Zenbook 3. Btw ever thought of doing a Linux install test? Next portable laptop I'm getting needs to have Linux I'm not using Windows 10 and want to move away from Apple

  8. plz do for yoga 510 also..and in your opinion which one is better.????.if specs are assumed to be same(i5 Nd 8gb ram)!! I want to buy one of these!!


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