Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15IKB install 2.5" SSD and second notebook hard disk Caddy 2019


Kingston ValueRAM DDR4 2400MHz 4GB (KVR24S17S6/4) = RM85
(Amazon link) =

SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Internal SSD 7mm = RM279
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FEMAI Compatible second Hard Drive Caddy Replacement 9.5mm = RM25
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  1. Que puerto sata es donde instalaste el SSD
    Y que puerto usa el HD?

    Usa traductor google please

  2. I have the same notebook. About ssd only 2.5'' and not M.2 ok, but about the ddr4 ram what is the maximum permitted?

  3. sir i have lenovo ideapad 330 15IKB model (i5 8th gen , 8 gb ram, mx150 graphics, 1 tb hdd)
    1. how much ram i can upgrade upto ? can i increase it or not ?
    2. can i install SSD in it ?
    3. if its support SSD then which type of SSD it Support ?
    3. if i want to upgrade to ssd , should it necessery to replace the ssd to hdd or it just had another slot for ssd upgrade ??
    . plz reply its my humble request sir…..

  4. Lo que instalaste será compatible con la ideapad 320 15ISK?

  5. Hi

    Can I use 8Go DDR4 2666MHz

    Does this cause harm to the laptop or is it normal?

    The manual states the type 2666 MHz

    Thank you very much

  6. Thanks bro for video. I want to ask that i can upgrade by ram 2133mhz or 2400mhz. Because i see in the web that ram is 2133mhz. So i don't know that i should buy ram 2133 or 2400mhz.when you upgrade and open your laptop. What is the parameter written on the RAM bar available on the laptop. Because I don't know which ram to find to match the manufacturer's RAM…i need an advice from you. 2133mhz or 2400mhz. Thanks you so much.

  7. Hi KL Gamers, HDD caddy 9.5mm is fit to my lenovo 320 15"? my optical drive PLDS DVD-RW DA8AESH is 9.00mm size. please answer me asap

  8. I like how the mother board has the solder points for M.2 compatiblitly but hasn't soldered the female connecter making it possible to use M.2….
    Made me sad when i found out 🙁

  9. My Lenovo laptop has mcAfee preinstalled. I can't remove it. I can't install quick heal. Now I can not use internet because some malware or bot is preventing me. The macAfee does not stop malware. I am disgusted and tired. My laptop is 1 month old and not used. This is the situation. Lenovo is a dangerous thief, crooked beggar and liar. Shame on them.

  10. u shud have installed ssd where ur hdd is..and install that hdd in the 2nd caddy..u did exactly the opposite of it.. the way u installed ssd in the 2nd caddy makes no sense as it will be a bottleneck for the ssd..

  11. Great video, I have a few questions

    I have an ideapad 330 with 4 GB onboard ram. I was thinking of making it 12GB ram by adding a 8GB in the one and only vacant ram slot available. Is this recommended, many people tell me that you should keep the ram evenly split for example two 4GB ram paired together. I would like your opinion on this if 12 GB is suitable what 8GB ram would you recommend me to buy.

  12. I'm a little bit confused the 320 15IKB has an optical drive the size of 9.0mm as stated in the hardware manual but in your video you're using a 9.5mm caddy? So which one should I get an 9.0mm or 9.5mm?

  13. Just tell me one thing. How did you remove that latch at 7:55. You were struggling to open it so of course others will face the same issue but you off screened it. I don't want to break it by using brute force so please tell me how did you open it.

  14. the built in ram speed of ip320 151kb is 2133mhz. is it compatible to ram who has a speed of 2400mhz? will it work? does the speed increase?

  15. Thanks for the video, will gladly use your Amazon referral links.
    EDIT: confirmed the GPU uses extra space in the motherboard that other models of this laptop simply don't have, so I can use the free space for the SSD. Anyway, mind giving me referral links to 8GB and 12GB RAM slots compatible with this laptop? So I can help you out (4GB is not a lot, and I'm not sure adding only 8GB is a good idea, when I can get up to a total of 16GB).

  16. Hi i have the same laptop as yours. May i know is it 8GB of RAM is enough for running games like GTA5, and running adobe premiere pro? Thanks in advance!

  17. Hey KL Gamers, I have the Lenovo IdeaPad 320. It has an integrated 4gb ram. The laptop manual says it's clock speed is 2133Mhz.
    Is it fine if i buy a 2400Mhz and adjust the clock speed to 2133Mhz in the BIOS?
    How much ram should i get for effective difference in speed?
    Please reply asap!

  18. How do I screw the new caddy on If I dont have old DVD drive to use its part? ( Lenovo Ideapad 320-15ISK – not DVD drive included) @KL Gamers

  19. help i need to know the fan model i also have a lenovo ideapad 320-15IKB but i need to know the fan model to be able to change it mine already this bad i need it urgently please do not have the box and i don't know the model help 🙁

  20. I did this in my lenovo laptop, my experience is here https://daytoday33.home.blog/2019/11/16/lenovo-ideapad-320-15ikb-dual-boot-hdd-to-ssd-upgrade-part-1-installing-the-ssd-in-place-of-the-dvd-tray/ and https://daytoday33.home.blog/2019/11/16/lenovo-ideapad-320-15ikb-dual-boot-hdd-to-ssd-upgrade-part-2-cloning-the-needed-partitions-from-hdd-to-ssd/


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