Lenovo IdeaPad 120S Unboxing & First Impressions!


The IdeaPad 120S is a bargain and all-purpose laptop, fitting a wide variety of needs, handling most office or school-related tasks. Redesigned with simple, clean lines, Lenovo applied a protective finish to guard against wear and tear, and included subtle rubber detailing on the bottom cover to maximize ventilation and extend product life.
Consumers looking for an everyday laptop with reliable processing power and multitasking will find a lot to like about the IdeaPad 120S this holiday season.

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  1. Gan nanya dong..emg klo punya laptop ini buat login hrs punya email outlook?? Kok ane mau beli second suruh bikin outlook dulu. Mohon jawabannya mksh

  2. This Lenovo will automatic update Windows & then keep freezing continuously, the worst Laptop. I'm suffering with it, don't buy it.

  3. i've had this laptop for a year, although mine has 4GB of RAM. anyway, i'm a broke university student, desperately needed some kind of laptop, but obviously i couldn't afford anything more high-end, so i settled for this one for 199 pounds. literally the best purchase i've ever made, no joke — it's perfect for university, using word/excel/powerpoint, having ±10 tabs open, if fully charged it'll hold up for an entire day of lectures (11 AM – 8 PM) and it can handle some light games, like stardew valley. my only issue with it is its storage space — it's horrifically small, i personally haven't been able to update my windows 10 for the longest time because it needs 13GB of storage and I just don't have that. so yeah, long story short, if you're a university student looking for a cheap, light laptop then you can easily consider purchasing this one. oh, like another commentator mentioned, the camera quality is just plain bad, but it's good enough to, like, skype or something. what else do you need? the speakers are also poor, but idk for me they're fine.

  4. Is it ok for editing? I use wondershare filmora and I need to know does that computer have enough storage for editing and other stuff?

  5. I am buing this laptop to do school work you think it can do like word,powerpoint,excel,serfing on the internet that kind of stuff


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