Lenovo Ideacentre 520s Review – Thin All in One PC that works as a monitor too


Find it at B&H: (affiliate link) – Lenovo’s Ideacentre 520s packs an i7 processor into a very slim form factor. Not great for gamers but its display doubles as a monitor for plugging in game consoles. See more computers: and subscribe!

00:51 – Price
01:04 – Display
01:42 – System specs
02:15 – External optical drive
02:55 – Webcam placement
03:48 – Ports and connectors
04:06 – HDMI port
04:23 – Demo: Using a game console in monitor mode
05:36 – No volume control in monitor mode
06:11 – Speakers and sound quality
06:25 – Stability of the stand
07:00 – Fan and fan noise
07:40 – Performance: Web browsing, YouTube / Netflix
08:22 – Browserbench speedometer test
08:28 – Microsoft Word and Office
08:40 – Gaming: Minecraft
09:28 – Gaming: Rocket League
10:55 – Kodi and high bit rate media playback
11:55 – Conclusion and final thoughts

See my review of their gaming All in One:

Find the Jelly Fish test videos here:

All in I think this is a nice device for casual users & students – especially given how thin and compact it is. Gamers will want to look elsewhere but there is the option to use it as a monitor too – so you could for example plug in a PS4 or Xbox into it.

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  1. Sad you can't adjust the brightness when in monitor mode. I don't know how they're dumbasses didn't think to do something about that.

  2. hey i’m having trouble with my lenovo ideacentre , unlike the one shown in the video, i have a 510 and can’t switch back and fourth from pc to monitor mode . any help

  3. This is 2124 Dirhams here in UAE, And I’m saving up to buy it. 💖
    And I’m putting a sticker on the camera because I’m scared someone is gonna watch me lol. ( im only 11 k )

  4. This is best laptop but I have one question that we have to connect the speaker ya we have speaker in this desktop only

  5. Im on a budget and the HP A4 computer that I REALLY wanted I just found out isn't compatible with Adobe Premier Pro… The specs seem to match but this is kinda out of my price range. I can get it for about $700 but im also buying a camera, lenses, lighting, camera accessories(gimball, rack etc.), iphone camera accessories and purchasing my website from wix for my business Eccentric Digital Media as well as purchasing my copyright and license for my business #eccentricdigitalmedia as well. so I'm trying to save some money. But I really need a computer that can handle adobe premier, Lightroom, After Effects, and Photoshop, and can handle exporting 4k Files occasionally but I will be exporting at 1080p for most projects. Will this computer get me by?

  6. Please can Someone answer me this?!?

    On the Lenovo ideacentre 510 can it also be used as a monitor for game console such as a ps4 please??


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