Lenovo G570 Review: Sandy Bridge Core i5 2.3Ghz


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Lenovo G570 Review:

Core i5 2.3Ghz (Sandy Bridge)
Intel HD 3000 IGP
15.6″ LED-backlit 1366 x 768
6 cell Li-on battery
Dark brown/black

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  1. I had this laptop 5 years ago since high school. Great laptop for high school and college. Long lasting. Its still good untill now. I gave it to my lil sister and bought a new lenovo y40-80 gaming laptop.

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  4. I have the same laptop I5 2410 with 8 gigs.. just wanted to know can I add 16gigs ram.? I searched specs its says max is 8gb but i2410 chipset supports 16gb .please clear my confusion.. I am on windows 7 64 bit

  5. when i got mine there was no sandy bridge i5 option 🙁  mine is the exact same but core i3. and i upgraded ram to 6gb

  6. if he(she) likes games this is bad choise if likes design and large keyboard and just surfing on internet – yes of course

  7. Всем привет,у меня проблема с этим ноутбуком.ещё года не прошло,а он уже весь разваливается.петли все захрустели,кулер загудел,и.т.д.хотя он валялся и им никто не пользовался….

  8. Just a warning, It's a very good performance laptop for it's price. But i have one major problem with it. The hinge. Do a quick google search for 'lenovo g570 hinge problem'. Then decide if u still want it.

  9. yes i would say so im 14 got this for Christmas this is the best commuter iv had, a nice slick design it looks realy nice ,this is also good because it dosent get 2 hot unlick other laptops

  10. the touchpad is too sensitive….really difficult to work with this much of sensitivtiy….other things are good about this laptop

  11. YES definitely. You should only trust Lenovo, Apple, and maybe Samsung and Asus in buying a laptop. Lenovo is on top of this list. Very good laptop. you can get this for only 400$ i5 just awesome, fast, dependable, long term use 5+ years

  12. I would not advice anyone to buy this or any variations of the g5– series. You are going to experience hinge problems. Less than three months of buying mine and the screw was becoming loose. the left hinge feels like it's going to snap whenever i move the lid.

  13. This man is a giant flaming mac fanboy if I have ever seen one. Apple's interface on ANYTHING they produce is for either the elderly, "artists", and flat out retards, and the fact that he is even comparing the gaming capabilities of the laptop, while macs can not even run half of the computer games that are out there, is absurd. But it can't be avoided that people will continue to buy those two thousand dollar paper weights.

  14. Really? Someone is selling this (G570) and its darn cheap! So i think thats why, the specs are great, that's why i was so interested, luckily I read your comment! Thanks!

  15. Anyone who thinks, that Lenovo G570 is good, it ain't. After 3 or 4 months the hinges will break apart! I don't recomend anyone to buy it! IT WILL BREAK! AFTER A WHILE! I am having Hinge problem! If you don't believe then google: Lenovo G570 hinge problem! 🙁 I hope that some one will listen to me and won't buy this pc! P.S If you have warranty, Lenovo will ask you money anyway! There is no change that they will fix it for free! 🙁

  16. fuck apple. nothing but a bunch of greedy ass holes. They trap you with expensive accessories and programs that only work on macs. Theyre so ignorant. I would rather buy anything other than a mac just so i can say im not supporting a company who has been labeled a hypocrite and bunch of greedy fuckers


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