Lenovo Flex 3 11.6" Convertable Tablet Review


The Flex 3 is a scaled down version of Lenovo’s popular Yoga line. Is it worth picking up even at the low price of $349.00? Find out in this video review.

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  1. Heyo! Great review! I am just wondering something, brace yourself it kinda a dumb question. I notice that you said that running games like GTA V or COD will not work but I am wondering would this laptop work for a game such as Skyrim or even ( I can already tell what the answer gonna be for this second option) Skyrim Special Edition? Thank you in advance for the response! 🙂

  2. no kne get this i got this brand new and its worked like garbage since the 1st day the trac pad always freezes and hte laptop itself is just god awful do not reccomend

  3. I'm planning to buy this lap. Intel 5500 4gb graphics… GTA 5 n COD infinity warfare. can run…..!?!?!??!?I'm buying for gaming… plz reply… thanks

  4. I just buy 2GB RAM laptop, but the graphic card is 940mx. so I think I can upgrade the ram but I can't upgrade graphic card. so I just buy it

  5. I bought this laptop with the 4 gig ram version and was about to get rid of it. My example was just a slug and couldn't use it due to the choppy behavior and slow speed. The it crashed one day and I had to reset it to a fresh install of the OS and wow! Now it's my go to small carry laptop. It's as fast as my $1000 Dell i5 with 12 gigs ram machine. Lenovo must have had a tone of bloatwear on that thing, but whatever was on there is gone now and I absolutely love my Flex3 11.

    I'd say to anyone who has one of these or going to get one, make sure you do a clean install of the OS and start fresh. The machine won't disappoint.

  6. Retr0rob:
    does this one good for graphic designing or sound n video editing software functionality….pls tell me

    and also i want to know if we can turn touchscreen off and turn it on

  7. hey sir

    i have this kind of laptop so the touch screen is not working nd i have windows 10 before i had windows 8 so the touch screen and the tablet mode was working after that i changed the windows and its nor working now can you please tell me how to fix it touch screen on windows 10 ?????

  8. Thanks for the informative review!! I bought this laptop near the end of 2015. Got it for 250 +25 dollars tax which was not bad at all given the storage and all. As a student it seemed convenient and obviously affordable. Unfortunately, it got stolen. Fortunately, I'm buying a new one 😀

  9. Retr0rob what are the circusware crap your speaking of I'm new to the whole cleaning up the laptop for better performance. I had thought about having a friend of mine that builds laptops and desktop solder in a better processor but if getting rid of stuff will help I'll try that first.

  10. Hello! I just got this lap top. I love the light weight, the speed and it's perfect for my school work. There are a couple of issues that I'm not sure how to fix. The first one is that I like Chrome so I downloaded it. I wanted to remove Microsoft Edge but seems impossible. Chrome works great but for some reason the touch screen will not work on chrome. It works on Edge and apps. This is very annoying. Can I do something about it? The touch screen worked perfectly when I first downloaded it. I also added an extension that was said to fix the problem, but I got nothing from it. The second issue I'm having is that when I go into tablet mode, the screen is locked in landscape and will not rotate. I've tapped the "tablet mode" key, even pushed the lock screen button on the side, but again, nothing. Any advice? Thanks!

  11. thanks so much! your review really helped. I am a school teacher and just looking for a laptop that is lightweight, for paperwork etc. I am going to purchase it, aside from removal of circusware, do you have any other tips when I drop it by my tech guy for clean up? I have to be specific, they do only what you ask and I know nothing of tech…. 😞


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