Lenovo 510 15 laptop. Review and test results (940MX + 1TB version)


Take a closer look at the Lenovo 510 15 inch laptop with GeForce 940MX and 1TB hard drive. This is a value-focused multimedia laptop that is available in various versions. We’ve got the the higher-end model here but we’ve got something to say about the entry level SSD-only model. Take a look at our screen test results and battery life results. Full review link in the notes below. Don’t forget to thumbs-up and subscribe to stay with us!

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Lenovo Ideapad 510-15ISK review

CPU: Core i5-6200U 2.3 GHz
Screen: 15.6 inch 1920×1080,IPS non-glossy
Storage: Seagate1000 GB
Weight: 2.2 kg / 4.85 pounds

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  1. I have an i7 7th generation with 8 GByte ram 510 Ideapad.This is the slowest laptop I have ever used. It is a load of rubbish do not buy it.

  2. I'm not looking for that much in a laptop but I just don't know where to start looking. I'm a student studying science so all I need for a laptop is just a good keyboard (type a lot of research essays and notes), fast speed (?) the problem with my old laptop is that it took 150000000 years to load something. We have to do a lot of online research in school so I hope speed is good. So annoying. Also, I need high battery life. Preferably thin laptop to carry around! Can someone recommend a good laptop? I'm currently looking at Lenovo ideapads

  3. thanks for the review👍
    is this laptop better than the lenovo thinkpad edge e570 ?? please help me choose between the two

  4. 280 – 300 cd/m2 brightness seems really good to me, at least compared to other offers in this price range, am I correct?

  5. Can you comment on the hinges?are they sturdy?my vaio e series hinges gave up in 2 years without any accidents on my part

  6. Hi, does anyone know if the 14" model (with Nvidia graphic card) has M.2 SATA port for additional SSD storage ?

  7. Hey, can you tell me whether i will be able to upgrade the gpu in this laptop even if it requires me taking it all apart. Thanks

  8. Hey can someone smart and who knows for sure answer me a question.. If I have this laptop same model but instead i3 6100u and 4gb ram and no 940mx would I be able to put a 940mx inside of it? because I am pretty sure I can upgrade ram in the future but I wondered if I could put some form of gpu in this laptop as it uses intel hd 520 currenly?

  9. Excellent laptop for the price,got it during the black Friday week for £429,it's gone back to £499 right now at Currys pc world,so i suggest everyone to wait a bit till they reduce the prices for boxing day,i am really happy with the build quality,considering it being so slim,it has a full hd screen,back lit led keyboard lighting(which in this mid range price segment is mind blowing),a lot of games work on it too,tried fifa 17 and Arkham knight and they both work smoothly,for more info abt which games will work please check -(http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/supported-games)for supported games,the keyboard keys have a feel good factor,and you can replace the hdd with a ssd in the future,and its very easy to do it,the lenevo laptops also come with conservation modes,idk if all laptops do but this helps if you are constantly connected via the adaptor,you can save on your battery cycle counts.Laptop battery life isnt that great,give me 2 and half hours on my normal settings with light music on,shd give you more than on battery saver ,the speakers are very good too,thx for reading.

  10. Hi everyone I'm getting this laptop for Christmas and was wondering how well can it run GTA 5 because if it can run decent then I could probably run most of the game I'd play.


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