Lenovo 3000 G530 Laptop


If you need access to your computer at all times, then the Lenovo 3000 G530 Laptop Computer will make that possible. Featuring a 15.4-inch widescreen display and running on an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3400 2.16GHz processor, this laptop is convenience at your fingertips. Whether you need to work on multiple documents at once, or check out a DVD with your PowerPoint presentation, now you can do it all. Store your digital content on the 160GB hard drive, and rely on 3GB of DDR2 memory to keep your computer running smoothly and steadily. Youll also be able to stay in touch with your friends wherever you are via the integrated Lenovo EasyCamera. Nothing is out of reach with the Lenovo 3000 G530 Laptop Computer!

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn

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  1. sir, i have only 2 usb port in the right side and no card reader in the left. is there something wrong with this laptop? i just want to know. pls! say something.. thanks!

  2. i have this laptop and he's really good but after a couple of moths using it the screen starts to flicker and is really annoying
    and the problem gets worst over time
    so not worth it if you don't like a screen that looks like and old television jamming

  3. So is winXP but you don't see Microsux keeping it around any longer than it has to be. And I guess if OK is good enough for you then by all means go ahead and keep using it after win7 is released. I will be upgrading just be be rid of this shit OS called vista just as soon as I can be.


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