LED Zoomable Flashlight with Fake Counterfeit CREE XM-L2 led / Фонарь + подделка XM-L2


I want to show you a zoomable flashlight that I had ordered from a famous site. The seller promised it will be with a CREE XM-L2, but he sent me a flashlight with an outspoken fake led inside.
Получил фонарик с зумом, заказанный на известном сайте. Внутри должен был быть светодиод CREE XM-L2, а оказалось говно (подделка наглая).

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  1. eBay is full of this shit. Got my 2$ flashlight which of course is with other than Cree LED. You can easily see that on its pattern when zoomed out. Light itself is okay, no complains, but this lying pisses me off.

  2. Неужели слово подделка сложно в Переводчик Google скопировать?

  3. почитай datasheet и не путай людей http://www.cree.com/led-components/media/documents/XLampXMBL.pdf

  4. I had ordered many flashlights from ebay and happened just once.A negative feedback is what needed for these bastards!

  5. I just received my elfeland and it has the same cheap led as yours. Even though the posted pictures in the ad, it showed a clear legit XM-L2. Per my test, this cheap cree is as bright as the xmp cree/xml q5.

    take a look at this link


  6. Оба оригинальные просто тот что на зеленой платформе предыдущего поколения и стоит дешевле. Разница у них всего в 100 lm. Зато наверно купил подешевле)))

  7. That's how ebay works, and it isn't even just the Chinese that do that either. You will find even people selling stuff on ebay from your own country do the same thing. At the end of the day it's true that store bought stuff is more pricey than it's worth, but also some of the things on ebay are also simply too cheap to be what they say they are.
    For example if a store bought product is maybe $60, only expect to get it off the net for maybe $45. If you see it there for like $20-30 dollars then it's prob a fake somehow.

    They do this with batteries, put fake capacities on them. They also do it with the flashlights also.
    At the same time smart people know what they are buying and if you are looking for just a cheap flashlight you just buy it, knowing full well the claim of it's LED and lumens is fake, but you know the likely product you will get and still find it good enough for the money you pay.

    Of course they get a lot of gullible people buying their products simply because of the big numbers like 5000lm they put on things or 4000mAh on one of the batteries.

    Even flash drives can be faked, I received one once that the computer claimed it was 8gb. But I ran it through some software that showed that they tampered with it and that it's only really 2gb (I got to keep it and I got a refund also). With those fakes basically it does copy files to the flash drive up to 8gb seemingly, but 3 quarters of the data is corrupted and doesn't work.
    But I fixed it and turned it into just a proper 2gb one (better than nothing).

    The point is, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.

    But there are a lot of awesome things to be had on ebay, that's why I buy many things from there. Stores in town offer barely anywhere near the variation of things you can get off ebay.

    When buying things off ebay like inverters or solar panels, I tend to use ebay shops that are linked to a proper website and have their own branded products and tend to sell ten's of thousands of things. I find these are always reliable for these more important things that you don't want to risk going wrong (inverters for instance).

    At the end of the day common sense is needed.

  8. it's not fake hello I have it also my sister gave it from us the color of the PCB board is green for XML t6 for XML 2 is white .

  9. My Cree flashlight has "XML-U2" on the bottom instead of only "XML" and the square is white, not green. Does this count as a Chinese copy? Thanks!

  10. Most likely a Cree XPE Q5 Not XM-L2 T6. or like I got as a replacement a Fake UltraFire SK98 with a thin Cheap star and no markings except + and – , with an unknown LED with lines like a Cree XPE Q5 , same Led Driver Board YM-20-3 but with 3 mode low high strobe with next memory, same bronze looking screw out reflector as your bigger flashlight, the pill had 1 O ring (2 O rings on a real UltraFire SK98), no Oring on glued in lens, 1 O ring on Tail Button also a screw out on the inside. Cree XPE line here http://www.cree.com/~/media/Files/Cree/LED-Components-and-Modules/XLamp/Data-and-Binning/XLampXPE.pdf also this watch to the end funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1W5Am8dNqA

  11. Этот светодиод скорее всего китайского производителя LB. Они под Cree косят.

  12. Есть люди которые впервые видят этот светодиод, поэтому комент. для них был-бы полезным.

  13. Видео без коментария, а смузыкой это не серьезно, смахивает на какойто видеоклип.


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