LED Spotlight Install (Nilight 18W Cubes) 2000 Jeep XJ


Watch as I install a set of Nilight 18W LED Spotlights on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I was fortunate to be able to reuse the OEM foglight wiring harness for use with these lights.

I’m quite happy with them.

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  1. I thought negative volts on the wire harness was for your reverse lights? Listening to this video sounds like I'm listening to myself and I have a very high self-esteem.
    You know you're getting an honest review when the guy calls himself a cheap bastard right out of the gate! Nice work bud

  2. Please give an update on how those brackets held out. I saw those scratches and figured they'd have rusted out by now. How they holding up? – I liked the winter ride along.

  3. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Been needing a guide on how to do the factory fog switch for LED's. Thanks!

  4. That’s awesome, doing the same thing with my son instead of the factory 40 dollar mounting brackets I made a pair for about 2 bucks!

  5. Spacerag you haven't posted a video in 4 months. Hope you are still alive. With three Jeeps I'm sure you've fixed, replaced, rebuilt something.

  6. Hey, new subscriber here , I'm a former Edmontonian recently moved to Gibbons to escape Edmonton's Northside where I grew up haha, I purchased a pair of Auxbeam 18watt cubes for my halfton truck. I pointed them slightly outwards toward the ditches. I've been really happy with them during my early morning commute to edmonton for work . They have saved my ass from wildlife more than a few times . Cheers , keep up the great videos !

  7. those are super cool, you should add 2 more on the other sides like a straight beam for more light but thats me, cool vid!

  8. I bought these and installed them on my new Polaris General and they create so much static my radio is useless. Google RFI from cheap led lights.

  9. I did the same thing for mine but I located them on the inside part of the bumper next to where the fog lights would go so I can get both

  10. Finally someone talks about removing the old plug and play connection and connecting it to the new led light connections. Thought I was insane for thinking I could do that . Great video!

  11. great vid bro. got the 4pc set on Amazon coming today. first I was cursing myself for not getting flood version but looks like I'll be perfectly happy with em. the round 6" halogens on my Tacoma finally bit the dust so was time to upgrade.

  12. Hi Eric, I just put a rough country Winch bumper on my 99xj and I have the same cree led lights as you do. I want to use the original original fog light plugs to run the new lights as I took the old ones off when I installed the new bumper. Have you had any problems or burn-outs on your new led lights yet?

  13. Thank you for taking the time to align your lights. For mounting spots, you could put them on fenders next to the mirrors, angled out and down for more coverage to the sides. Just gotta be careful of hood glare. Another alternative is to the sides from up above, either in the front or rear, pointed down on the ground so you can see to the sides of the tires while crawling or being outside the jeep.

  14. those look great I put a set on my roof rack pointing out so on the trails it lights up the side of the trails it looks pretty sweet

  15. got these exact ones, they're all the same. I had mine under the bumper, hit a deer, bent the bracket, light was fine! Moved them behind the grille now, so its outta the way. Love em


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