Led ring clock build and code


Had a few requests for the clock code – so decided to do a full build with instructions. vu meter build video with the same led ring coming shortly, just waiting for The Chinese snail mail.

Arduino ide software link :

Led ring link :

Clock code, libraries etc for build :

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn/


  1. Excellent job thanks for sharing, there is a couple of wiring mistakes the rotary encoder 3/4 not 2/3 RCT is SCL-05 SDA -04

  2. Hi,

    I just followed the diagram, I loaded the code for the ds1307 module and then I loaded the code but the led strip lights white. Can you tell me why?

  3. Hello,
    I'm entirely new on arduino, please bare with my noob questions.
    I'm using a DS3231 Module, do I need to do the "Settime" part?
    Also, in Arduino IDE 1.8.x there is no "file>Sketchbook>libraries" anymore.
    By you mean here, I need to upload the settime code from DS3231 library then upload the "Clock_with_rtc3231" again? that will overwrite the current code in the Arduino right?

  4. I want to build my project but I can not do, tried with arduino nano more appears error, with one too, wanted to show you the error to see if it could help me.

  5. good evening! I need your help, I live in Brazil I looked for several videos about I did not get, can help me via mobile 55+ 027998010016 watts.

  6. Hello, your project is very beautiful and very complex. I want to do it in a linear form and I want to change an aspect and I need your help. I want the red lights at the time to stop moving and I can't handle it. Can you help me?

  7. Hello,do you have the schematics for this project?and it doest require any resistor right?It could be helpful if you can reply asap😁

  8. Hello man. I set up time by programming the first time.but if i want to change time , could i set it from clock without programming?


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