LED Front Turn Signal Bulbs 2017+ Ford F250 F350 Super Duty Amber or Switchback


Now shipping with the brighter and better looking Armor Series LED bulbs. Find them here: Switchback:


We tested several different front turn signals trying to find the best and brightest options for traditional amber/amber operation, as well as the new style white/amber Switchback LED bulbs and we now offer them in two kits!

The Switchback LED bulbs kit operates how you would expect it to, on the parking light circuit it shines white like a Daytime Running Light. And on the blink/turn signal it switches to a high power amber LED light. The white from the switchback bulbs is a little less blue than the Supernova V.3 headlight bulbs.

The amber/amber option simply does amber light on both parking and turn functions but it’s way brighter than stock!

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  1. I have the Morimoto led switchbacks. I'm just wondering if these dim after being on for a while? i just noticed that when i dont have my parking lights on my turn signal is the right amber color and bright. But when i have my parking lights on (DRL) for just a couple of minutes the turn signal becomes dim with a ugly dark orange color.

  2. I can't believe you guys rip the whole front end off to replace bulbs when Ford clearly designed these trucks to replace bulbs by simply removing the passenger side air intake duct and on the driver side removing the washer filler neck and boom you're right there

  3. For anyone who is wondering, you do not have to remove the grill to change the bulbs. If some people would just take the time to look in the owner's manual it tells you how to do it. For passenger side you have to remove the intake tube and the driver side you have to remove the windshield washer tube(both of which are way easier than removing your grill and headlights). Cant believe there are so many videos of people removing their entire grill just to change bulbs. Ford is smarter than that.

  4. Do both halogen lights shine in each headlight in low beam on these trucks or does the low beam light just shine down into the high beam reflector I’ve been wondering this for a while now

  5. I got the Switchback bulbs last year for my 2017 Ram 1500. I followed instructions and did the install and worked fine. But, when I turned on my turn signal lights (only at night when head lights and running lights are on) I would get a bulb out warning on my dash. Doesn't happen during the day when headlight and running lights are off, only at night. Contacted Headlight Revolution to solve problem but never got an answer back. Any suggestions?

  6. Lol goes through the effort of using a wire stripper, and solders the connection but doesn't use heat shrink and tapes it up… Classic!

  7. I have a 2017 Ford expedition xlt el and I want to upgrade the signal lights already have the led bulbs but works kind of funny what's the name of the yellow things thanks

  8. Any idea if you go to install a switchback on a truck already equipped with OE LED lights if you need the resistors or not? I LOVE the switchback affect on my DD and want to continue that when I get my new pickup.

  9. PRODUCT REVIEW…..so I purchased the fog lights (also reviewed) and they performed so well I went all in and purchased the entire LED collection (fog lights, SWITCH BACK TURN SIGNALS, headlights, tail & reverse lights). I can only compare/rate these to the OEM, but YES!!!!! The light color and look is fantastic. The pattern was so good that they lit up enough to compare to the fog lights. Even compared it to the LED option Ford offers, and although I don't have scientific numbers, side by side, they looked to be better in every way then Ford's LED. Only time will tell on durability but so far these are 1 of the best looking and performing LED upgrades I have ever seen.

  10. what is the light you installed on the side marker? I heard GTR LED light but no part number or anything to identify it.

  11. Any recommendations on led anti flicker?
    Only drivers side flicker and when they stop they aren't the brightest it can be? Help

    2013 camry se ?


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