leather midori-style notebook – gift idea



This project is perfect for a beginner leatherworker: it’s really easy to make, it requires basic tools, yet it always seems to be appreciated among people. Just cut a piece of leather slightly bigger than your notebook, punch some holes in it and thread some bunjee cord through them (I used 2mm cord). Give it as a gift and sure enough you’ll make somebody happy! 🙂

Questo progetto è perfetto per un principiante: è facle da fare e richiede pochi semplici strumenti, ma ha sempre molto successo!
Bisogna solo tagliare un rettangolo di pelle poco più grande del quaderno, fare qualche foro e passarci del cordino elastico (io ho usato del cordino da 2mm).
Regalatelo e di sicuro farete felice chi lo riceve! 🙂

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  1. Great video from Antonello De Angelis. I watched several YouTube videos about creating handmade leather journals – I want to say that your manual is one of the best! I know an online store where they make beautiful leather notebooks https://olpr.com/collections/leather-journal . If you can not or do not want to make a notebook yourself, then olpr. will help you.

  2. I really liked the video no music no disturbance at all jist calm peaceful and fully focused on creative work.i liked it.some people put extra background music which i literally dont like, video should focused more on the main work itself…peacefully😇👍👍


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