LD-160 LED Video Light – Review

A quick hands on review of the LD-160 LED Video light. This model is battery powered via Panasonic or Sony camcorder lithium cells or via 6 x AA batteries.

LED quantity: 160 pieces
Power: 9.6W
 Voltage: 7.2V-8.4V
1M 1480lux
2M 450lux
3M 178lux
4M 101lux
5M 63lux
Colour temperature: 5600K/3200K
Average service life: 30000 hours
Housing: ABS
Colour: Black
Item size: 14 * 9.5 * 5.7cm/ 5.5 * 3.7 * 2.2in
Item weight: Approx. 235g/ 8.28oz
Package size: 14.2 * 11 * 5.5cm/ 5.6 * 4.3 * 2.2in
Package weight: Approx. 470g

1 x LD-160 Video/Camcorder Lamp.
1 x Soft Diffuser
1 x 3200k Filter
1 x Pink Filter
Compatible with five different kinds of battery :
Panasonic D series (D08S、D16S、D28S、D54S)
Sony FM series (FM50、FM55H、FM500H、QM71D、QM91D)
F series (F550、F570、F770、F960、F970 )
FV series (FV50、FV70、FV90 )
FH series (FH50、FH60、FH70、FH90、FH100 )
AA battery

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