Latitude 12 7270 Review


This is a review of the Dell Latitude 12 7270, being a member of the 7000 series means it’s Dell’s highest-end 12.5″ business laptop.

00:43 Design
03:13 Display
04:18 Sound
05:28 Performance
06:38 Noise & Heat
07:19 Battery
08:34 Conclusion

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  1. just saw this laptop and your review about it is quite nice. is it a good laptop to use for minimal music production and other music related stuff?

  2. If it can make little difference between Dell Latitude E5270 and E7270. I plan to buy, but both are the same, now what's the difference if you can explain it to me? Thank you in advance for your answer

  3. Hello Damir, nice review as always. I have this laptop and i must say it shines brightly. I do have issues though mainly with windows 10 drivers and it's super frustrating. I can't get my fingerprint scanner to work, i cant use the inbuilt 4G LTE module, SIM card doesn't work at all. I've googled everything i could, I really need to get these 2 issues fixed. I'll be glad if u can help

  4. 12" but 13" case
    huuuge bazel
    no nvme ssd in production
    and if you buy one you can only get 50% od its speed because dell cut the PCI lines – idiots
    second half of 2016 – and no kaby lake
     zero usb 3.1
    no key over touchpad – but the space is

  5. you didnt talk about how slow the boot up is on this laptop. Yes it is around around 15s and that's 7s too much compared to other laptops !

  6. Great review, as usual. Thank you. I've been considering this and the Thinkpad X260. Seem pretty similar, spec wise and price wise. Any subjective insight between those two models? Thanks.

  7. Hey Damir
    I want to buy Asus rog gl552vw (Nvidia gtx 960m 4gb) laptop. And I want to use it as Engineering student (CAD programs, Photo and Video Editing, some gaming)..
    and I don't have any other option in my country but to wait for the new laptop from asus that will have gtx 1050ti maybe next year.. because I can't pay more than 1300$..
    Is it really worth to wait or should I buy the Gl552vw and it would work fine for the next 5 years..


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