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A full tutorial on the password manager LastPass. Download Here:


Password management is a major problem for a lot of people and today I would like to demonstrate the solution which I feel at this point is the best option on the market.

NOTE: If you already have another password manager, you probably won’t need to switch to LastPass unless you are experiencing problems. Some of you may be aware I use to recommend 1Password, however as the software has evolved, I feel it has become less consumer friendly and is no longer the solution I recommend to clients.

The problem with storing your usernames and passwords in a document, hidden in a contact file, in a notebook, etc. is that all of these methods usually result in you using the same passwords for a lot of different websites. That ALSO means that if any of those websites ever get hacked, your information may be used against you. That is why you need a password management solution like LastPass.

Through this class I will walk you through the process of importing your old usernames and passwords, using LastPass’s tools to change those passwords to something more complex, and as always, a bunch of helpful tricks along the way.

It should be noted that it doesn’t really matter which password manager you use, the most importing thing is that you do SOMETHING so that all your passwords are different and you have a way to get access to that information on your most important devices (phones, tablets, computers).

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TechTalkAmerica is a member of the LastPass’s affiliate program, however, we only made the decision to join their program well after we had time to evaluate this software and felt we could recommend this to the general public.



  1. Thank you. All my passwords to date are created by me, many of them are the same that I've been using for 20 yrs. No more. Now I let LastPass decide what it wants to do. Thank you for the video!

  2. Thanks David. It's always nice to learn from you. But I'm new to LastPass and I can't seem to locate how to use autofill on the unsername and password when they are on two separate pages. I have 3 sites where the username is entered and then it is necessary to tap "go" and then the password fill needs to be entered on the next page. Is it possible for you to cover this?

  3. I use Passkeeper🔒 – Offline & Secure Password Keeper – Apps on Google Play. It has a very simple UI and I can generate, add and control my password in some clicks. It's a very good alternative for LastPass. Download and try it now:

  4. You totally missed the Lastpass icon when changing a password. There's a little circular arrow (in both the new and confirm password boxes) you can click on and it will autofill the new password into both boxes for you so you don't have to copy and paste it.

  5. Good video. You nailed it as usual. Which password management is better in your opinion, 1Password or LastPass?

  6. Lastpass has been really an awful app for me. Given the nature of what it does, you might look for something that actually works. I love the concept but really fear not being able to access my accounts because of this crappy app.

  7. Do you have a difficulty saying the words Android, Windows , Linux and Chrome OS? If so, then you may want to rename your company "Apple Tech Talk America".

  8. As a Last Pass premier subscriber I've been happy with the product except for their big price increases each year! From $12 per year it doubled to $24/year and then tripled to it's current annual fee of $36…in 3 years! I sure hope that it'll stay at this level or I may jump ship.

  9. A small portion of people around the world use iPhones. Did you know that there is something better out there called Android?

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  11. Thanks for this, great video. My only suggestion is to put this is for Apple users as Lastpass for Windows / Andriod may be slightly different?

  12. Hi there! This was really useful. I don't suppose you have a short tutorial for mobile users? I know it's quite similar as I have been using LastPass for a while myself, but it would be useful for older folks like my mom who need step by step instructions.

  13. Does this version have the same problem as the Windows version? Every 7 – 10 days I have to uninstall / reinstall Lastpass. I've tried it in Chrome, Firefox and the new Explorer Beta, same problem. It stops responding, won't fill and won't allow me to open my vault.

  14. The idea sounds great but paying for a software every month? 3 Dollar sounds cheap but once you store thousands of passwords by the time you getting depend on that software. After 30 to 40 years this 3 dollar became 1440 USD. Sounds a little bit expensive lol.

  15. One thing stumped me. After setting a more complex p.w. and everything is ready to use, he said now all you have to do is repeat this process for every website where you have accounts. Is this what he meant? So now I have to go my bank site, email site, etc. and repeat the process (which process), or when I go to a site, does the p.w. fields populate thanks to Lastpass?

  16. I would NEVER, EVER, enter any bank account, credit card or emergency contact. This is all just stupid. Why do these damn apps want so much information about us? What happens if LASTCRAP gets hacked? Come one, this is going overboard and is the dumbest thing you could ever do. To recommend such a thing though this video is just ludicrous!!

  17. It appears that none of the industry’s “best” password managers have the ability to import from iCloud Keychain. I don’t see any reason to use a third party password manager if you’re already using Keychain. Keychain can generate strong passwords, auto fill, and detect duplicates. All the ‘fluff’ the 3rd party managers sell as premium such as alerts or built-in vpn’s can be easily accessed for free. The only advantage I can think of is if you’re constantly using different browsers and platforms. So wouldn’t you agree that the average iOS user doesn’t really need a 3rd party service?

  18. Soooooooooooooo there is no LastPass Safari Extension? Because I’m not seeing it in the new “Mojave” App Store for safari extensions

  19. What’s the point of having a password that u don’t need to put on a password😆😆if some one gets ur phone they won’t need to figure out ur pass word since it will just put it in for u 😆😆😆😆😂bruhh

  20. I have had this for years,but now I can’t access my account. It was for a while that I could only get in on my phone with a pin. Now It never asks for my pin but wants my master password. I don’t have access to that at this time. It is the reason I selected the pin.
    If you decide on this app,remember to write down all passwords including the master password. I now have to find a way that won’t lock me out of an account when the app updates. Money thrown away to lastpass

  21. recommend a part 2 and using mobile iphone save copies of passports/ front back of credit cards, birth certs etc. in (secure notes).


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