Last Activity View : How to find the activities that occurred on my computer

How Can I Know The Events That Occurred On My Computer Since Installing The Operating System?

Sometimes you are curious to find out what happened on your computer when you are absent. Yes a very natural thing, but most of us are not able to test this hypothesis because of misunderstandings in an appropriate way to do that.

And if I told you yes, you can satisfy your curiosity! But more than that, you can find out what happened on your computer since installing the Windows operating system simply and easily. You can even study the history of a particular computer. Do not be surprised because this principle is frequently used, especially in cases of cyber-crime!

LastActivityView is a wonderful program can assemble a huge quantity of information about your computer, all your activities on the computer, such as opening a file, downloading an image, and others. You do not have to install this program, it is portable.