KASSADIN SEASON 9 Guide (2019) | SOLO CARRY GOD TIER | Runes + Build + Gameplay | League of Legends



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Runes 0:28
Items/Build 3:02
Skill Order & Summoner Spells 7:51
Strategy & Combo’s 10:32

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Precision: Fleet Footwork – Triumph – Legend: Tenacity – Coup De Grace
Domination: Taste of Blood – Ravenous Hunter

Start: The Dark Seal, Refillable Potion, Corrupting Potion, Cloth Armor, Health Potionx3
Mid Build: Catalyst, Blasting Wans, Tear of Goddess, Lost Chapter, Boots of Speed,
End Full Build Items: Rod of Ages, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Archangels Staff / Seraphs Embrace, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Lich Bane, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Void Staff, Morellonomicon, – Situational – Mercury Treads, Mejai’s Soulstealer

Level Order = (Q) Null Sphere – (W) Force Pulse – (E) Nether Blade
Passive – Void Stone – (R) Riftwalk

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  1. I like to play it on 3v3 bcs u can start with tear.I dont like a slow start champs thats reason why i dont play it at 5v5

  2. first I wanted to say thx for a guide
    2nd can u tell me wat should I buy in the early game because im kinda lost for early item

  3. Here's an Ultimate Guide for Kassadin: https://youtu.be/cNZZeQbw35o

    Updated to contain more info, gameplay and editing.

  4. nice guide that is great tips for ppl but i have good mechaninc better then u 😛 i have played s8 1.7k games on kassadin only, from runes : (PRESENCE OF MIND) IS BETTER THEN (TRIUMPH) FOR UR MANA AND FIGHT TO BE 1V9, if u got Assist or kill u will get 20% restore from ur mana more so u can use ur ult more then more,
    GL man keep going it <3

  5. I started playing leagues a Couple of Months ago. I am Placed in Iron 3 rn but I can't get out of it as Kas because my team tends to ff early or they just feed so hard that 1 Game last 25 minutes, I do not want to play an Early Game champ tho lol.

    I am pretty decent as I tend to play with a Friend of mine who is Plat and he gave me tips so My Map Awareness, Farm and Mechanics are pretty great for my Elo.

  6. I heard that fleet footwork is only good on kassadin for pros and in lower elo (such as Gold) electrocute or summon aery is better. Any opinions on this? I tried both summon aery and electrocute and they both worked very nice for me and feel like the extra damage is better than fleet footwork (i think taste of blood is enough sustain for lane)

  7. Kassadin's W don t prock taste of blood on minions I think you were thinking on that kassadin' W can peock fleet foot work on minions

  8. Thanks for the Vid.. iam gonna play in a tournament and ai wanna lern a champion wich i normaly dont play.. I have know Kassadin and hve to lern him.. If i could only Buy one item at the beginning wich would be the best choice?


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