IPS vs TN 4K Monitors – What's the Difference? | The Tech Chap


Buying a new Monitor? What’s the difference between IPS vs TN 4K Monitors? I’m comparing 4K Monitors with TN and IPS Panels to find out what’s different & which you should buy!

The Monitors in this video were provided by LG.

LG 4K Monitor 32UL950 –

LG 4K Monitor 27UK850 –

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  1. All I see is:

    +better white, better black, more accurate colours
    – higher response time, price
    +better price, better response time
    -washed out colours, white is not white, but yellow, black is gray rather than black

    I still cant decide 😀

    27" HP 27xq(TN,144hz,1ms)
    27" HP Pavilion Quantum Dot(Q-led, 75hz, 5ms)

  2. One makes you poor and the other one is the TN monitor…which in 4K will make you poor as well now that I think about it :S

  3. I have been using LG 27'' and wanted to know the difference between IPS & UHD. This comparison you did was also very clear to me on some of the futures of the monitor I have. Thanks for your videos

  4. Bruh an IPS 4k monitor costs just as much as a VA or TN one, at least here where i live. No reason to get a TN 4k monitor. You buy 4k because you want stunning visuals and then the TN completely ruins it.

  5. Would have prefered you to talk about two LG monitors rather than comparing a Samsung and LG. This whole video was just a sales pitch.

  6. So , if you are mostly viewing it upfront , it does not really matter in general use like playing games and watching movies?

  7. @1:09
    I would just like to say if i have another $100, i'd jump up and get ips
    but i have a $200 acer, and the TN viewing angles, are lowercase-acceptable
    Not as bad as how bad it is at@1:09
    maybe there is a variance in TN degradation
    i.e. these is a spectrum on IPS light bleed degration too right?

    well, if I had another $100, yeah i'd just get the IPS
    shopping at microcenter,
    I do my best to avoid amazon now days

    and things are on sale right now

  8. I've been looking some of your videos, and I have to say you are doing an excellent job. That's what reviews and tech tests should be ! Keep it up


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