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  1. I'm 8 days into using my note 10+. So far one of my biggest gripes is with HOW DO NOTIFICATIONS WORK ON ONE IU?????

    I keep hearing the notification sound but nothing appears on my screen! I have no idea what app is trying to notify me. Its driving me nuts.

    Apple does it so beautifully. I know I'm probably not doing something right, but come on. I've been tinkering for days trying to solve this mystery and make it work like apple's notification 😓

  2. idk how these launchers work and stuff but my friend downloaded this launcher and had to get a new phone :// so for those wondering about this one you might want to think twice.

  3. These comments make me feel ashamed for enjoying this launcher 🙄 Why can't people keep their opinions to themselves rather than hating on others. I love the look of iOS but that doesn't mean I'm going to go spend money on an iPhone with no headphone jack and a notch.

  4. i own iphone 6splus for 3.5y let me tell ya its been a great experience but 10s+ is the one for me . but i dont want to spare the ios so mutch so its a win win for me


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