Intel Core i7-8750H vs Core i7-8550U Benchmark Battle


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Intel Core i7-8750H vs Core i7-8550U Benchmark Battle

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  1. Hey I have that same Aero 15x setup with the same GPU, except I have 2x 16(32) of the same ram, and I did a thermal paste on it as well. Best computer I've ever owned!

  2. Cristo Jesus Te Ama, pero no acepten la marca de la bestia y cual es la marca de la bestia ? ve a google y escribe chip 666.

  3. So, there is a lot of comments favoring H over U and vice versa. However, these two are better than the average laptop, right? I am planning to buy the U chip of intel and purpose for video editing and rendering in Sony Vegas and moderate Photoshop with the casual MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). So, I should be good either the U or H chip, yes?

  4. I want to buy a laptop for video editing, heavy audio editing and some gaming. Should i spend more for the 8750h?
    Please answer me

  5. Thank you so much for your clear comparison. This helped me a lot to decide what to have amongst cpus. But actually it made me choose rather i5 8250u cuz even though I select 8550u it still is a fraction of 8750h. So saving more money is better unless u can afford to choose 8750h.

  6. if you get a 8750h make sure to look into undervolting even doing a simple -.125v on core and cache can be quite helpfull in the cpu holding higher freq under load. and if you have cooling room you can push the tdp up with throttle stop if you do heavy cpu tasks. my cinnbench max is 1300 and I can do 1280 back to back

  7. virtual machines, weblogic/ibm websphere etc servers etc non graphic works which is better h or u series processor?

  8. The main pro of the 8550U (and every other U) is that the lower power consumption means less heat produced, which means a smaller heat sink, which in turn means a significantly lower weight.

    Generally laptops with the U will be at least 0.5kg lighter, which is the entire point of the U chips, along with increased battery life.

    Not a performance benchmark, but an important point that should be mentioned.

  9. Would one processor be significantly better than the other for running Microsoft Business Intelligence applications such as Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View or would either cpu perform about the same????

  10. I specifically looked for this comparison because this is the last variable between the two laptops I'm deciding upon. Woah, I had no idea that the i7-8750H is this much faster. This could be what pushes me to one laptop over another. Thanks a lot for the video.


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