Installing Philips lumiled Luxeon LED chip H4 Head Light with Removable Heat Sink


This video is about installing the 2nd Generation Philips Luxeon ZES chip LED Head lights with removable heat sink and halogen bulb design (with cut off shield) in low beam.

The advantage of this new led head light

1) The weather shield can be used as like halogen bulb, in previous model due to the fan and fixed heat sink weather shield cannot be fixed on the housing

2) The Focus, Light Pattern on low beam and high beam of the head light is Good, similar to halogen bulb. No stray light ( glaring opposite vehicle ).

3) The LED chips are positioned in Horizontal line, in previous model the led chips are placed vertically hence it was difficult to focus the head light ( only 60% of focus is achieved)

4) No Fan on the heat sink, in pervious model when the head lights are on, the Humming noise from the fan can heard inside the cabin.

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  1. क्या मै ये LED लाईट new dzire zdi ke fog light me laga sakta hu process ka video dale please

  2. Well, the video looks incomplete. there is no product details, buying options, price, results after installation and recommendations. I would recommend "Night eye" LED's if this is expensive. It's very similar to this. But results are amazing and unbelievably shocking. Very bright and wide focus without HID kit. Try it, thank me later!


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