Installing LED Halo Angel Eyes on My NC Miata!


I know this is a much longer video than usual. (Big surprise to some of you I’m sure.) It was an in depth process that took longer than I had thought. But the super bright LEDs COB halo angel eyes look AWESOME. Super happy with this mod.


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  1. If it wasn't for the blinker, you could smoke the lights just enough so all you see is black with that badass ring.

  2. Are there any aftermarket headlights that are like halo led in eBay or something? I can’t find any places that sell aftermarket headlights or projectors for mine, Just bought a 2012 mx5 and I really want to install different headlights

  3. Errrr… does the US spec miatas has their indicator lights as running daytime lights?
    I have the same copper red and am stripping it from all it’s orange details such as that.
    Nice job tho!:) Looking forward to do it, but somehow two in each housing. They just fear no miata on the Autobahn.:)

  4. what exactly did you order? i noticed the red led version was the only one available in 70 or 80mm. Would that halo be only red? or would it be white like yours? Anyways, super helpful video and i will definitely come back to this if i end up ordering them myself.

  5. Do you have any more in depth information or videos on the wiring of the halos. I'm kind of struggling finding any information online and I'm obviously not the best with wiring and stuff like that. Lmk man thanks.

  6. Nice upgrade. Looks good. Cars looking really nice! Definitely braver then I am. Couldn't cut mine up the way you have, but I finally rolled my fenders which I didn't want to but had to. Just not ready to go extreme modding @rotary4life

  7. Hey Jackson! I enjoyed the vid. As a “senior” (65 yo) NC owner, I especially enjoy the detail you go into with your mods. In fact, I sometimes wish you would delve a little deeper. I have learned a lot from you and your videos! You have encouraged me to attempt several Miata mods on my own NC. Keep making these great vids and I’ll keep watching, learning and implementing! Go millennials!

  8. I can't believe how good that looks! Not that I was doubtful, I just didn't think it was going to be that significant of an upgrade…..I was very wrong.
    I love the progress man. You're Killin it

  9. How come you tie the rings on instead of gluing them? I'd have thought glue would have a cleaner look and be more effective?

  10. Very courageous of you Jackson! I would be suuuuper nervous about ungluing each headlight unit. It came out really well! Fantastic job, well done! BTW did you know "COB" means Chip On Board – basically multiple LED chips bonded directly onto a substrate to form a single module. This is what you showed by closing the camera aperture. Here in Switzerland we would only be allowed white light at the front and red at the back. No blues or greens. I guess you could have amber if you hooked it up with the blinkers. Our vehicles need to pass inspection every 2 years otherwise it's "not roadworthy" and you have to fix what they don't like immediately and have it re-inspected when done. A pain in the * but ensures that all vehicles conform for safety's sake. Great mod, well done! Keep 'em coming! All the best, Rob


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