How to Wi-Fi card replacement on Asus X401 laptop

If your laptop wifi not working or connection problem, this video will help how to fix wifi connection through reconnection wireless module. In addition, this video also can be useful for other laptops Asus X401, X401A, X401U.
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Sometimes you can meet that wireless network works not clearly correct in your laptop – it can be randomly disconnecting or causing hanging of laptop. Often this issue can be explained with wrong installed drivers or OS problems etc. But sometimes it caused by defective WiFi card. And in this case you need to replace it. WiFi adapter can be replaced with any other else with same form, size and number of antennas. The only thing you must know is that for example some Lenovo laptops works just with WLAN modules that was produced for Lenovo laptops. But as I know it was before and just with Lenovo or HP laptops.
This video shows how you can disassemble and replace wireless adapter in Asus X401 that can help you if you really have problem with your WLAN module.

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