How to use Layers and Layer Mask? Photoshop CC Tutorial for Beginners


In this tutorial we will learn some basics of “layers” in Adobe Photoshop CC. Layer is the ultimate feature that makes the Photoshop an amazing photo editing and composing tool.

0.53 Unlock a Layer
1:38 Add a Layer
2:06 Add Text Layer
2:23 Layer Mask
4:19 Blending Mode

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  1. This is my first time to comment on tutorial videos. Just want to commend on your work! This is so simple and can be understood easily by students and beginners. I wonder why I only see this now.

    Thank you so much!

  2. okay now I know. just double click the background, and when the menu pop up, clik ok. then u have a new layer. I've been dying just to know this. let's continue the video. thank you.

  3. "So if we want to bring those pixels back, then it's not possible. First undo erasing." I'm confused brotha! If it's not possible to bring those pixels back, then what's going on when you 'undo erasing' haha


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