How to Make the Huawei P20 Look Like Stock Android


There is no doubt, that the Huawei P20 and the Huawei P20 Pro have some of the best hardware out there. EMUI on the other hand, well, isn’t the most sought-after software on a mobile device.

So, if you maybe want all the crazy hardware of the P20 and P20 Pro (like the crazy camera I just did a comparison on), but the smoothness, and cleaner UI of stock Android, here’s how to get stock Android on the Huawei P20.


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  1. Notifications? Status bar? Navigation bar? And what about the settings app, and other built in apps? Not just the messages and calendar…

  2. It's not the general look of Samsung/Android I'm looking for… it's the keyboard and keyboard clicks. I cannot find this anywhere. None of the ones on the play store are actually anything like the old Samsung one I had – can anyone help?!

  3. Try EMUI theme factory app. It's free and available on Google Play. It changes everything in the system (status bar icons, app icons, adds material design to all stock emui apps). I used it on my Huawei P10

  4. Wanted to put the wallpaper + lock screen on my huawei mate 20 lite but can only do that for wallpaper, i dont get option to choose wallpaper/lock screen/both just atomaticly puts it as wallpaper. Any tips?

  5. I use flick launcher along with pixel icon pack on my mate 20 lite and it gives great usability with no lag and bugs along with a stock android experience with all the widgets

  6. The wallpaper app only sets wallpapers for my home screen, not the lock screen? Help. Also the another widget app doesn't give me the option to add widget? I have a P20

  7. Think I’ve watched this video about 10 times to try and convince myself 100% to move from Apple and buy the mate 20 pro phone . Would much prefer stock android so much cleaner ( i know this is the p20 )

  8. i get used ti one plus 6 ,didnt like hawaii setting but after video i foucn out i can change it ) but problem is that ,this thing is not permanant these setting works only when i click nova louncher ,else it go backs to its old verison :(:( how can i make it permenantly thx in adv

  9. What’s the point of doing on this shit on your phone just buy a stock Android phone in the first place much easier, personally for me the p20 and pro is fine for me.

  10. Huawei has patched out the ability to set Nova launcher as default. You can set it. But 5 mins later reverts to emui. F you huawei

  11. Thanks for the video but, may I ask, if I want to turn my Android smartphone into Stock Android (the user interface from the Pixel 3 & 3 XL devices), what icon size should I use, including the font labels, and e.t.c. ?

  12. So, under Nova launcher running, would Huawei let me have a dedicated app drawer with almost no apps on desktops (I – I prefer to just fill them with widgets). Thanks.


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