How to make Ac 220v LED Light Indicator


How to make Ac 220v LED Indicator
220v LED indicator
AC to 3v led indicator
100watt Home Made Inverter:-



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  2. रेजिस्टेन्स से वोल्टेज कम कर सक्ते हे तो ट्रान्सफार्मर क्यु बनाया सर ?

  3. Sir which side of the led resistance will be connected and which value the diode you used and which side it will be connected

  4. Excellent video. Wish I could give you ten likes.
    You have explained everything very very well. I have learnt more things. I have learnt that a quarter watt resistor would get more heated than a half watt. Did not know this. Also you have explained well that the diode is to avoid flickering. Did not know this as well.
    Wanted to know if I could avoid using the diode. Is it possible to use without diode. I dont mind the flickering if not using it would make the LED flicker. Let me know. Thanks.

  5. Буратино сгорел от дрочки и тупости, ну и ты примерно так-же продвигаешься

  6. If you have old Nokia charger you can use that simply connect led and resistor ( 330E or 560E or in between value ) to the out put of the charger wire for eg: charges out put pin/wire + (red wire normally ) to one end of the resistor and other end of the resistor to the + of led and – of led to the – of chargers pin/wire (black wire normally) if you use 330E = more bright, 560E = bit less bright than that, do experiment and set your required brightness

  7. Tester ke undr ke neon bulb ko nikaal kr usi resister k7 jisme neon bulb lga hua tha led bulb lga de diode bhi lga de to kya kaam krega tester k undr bhi ek resistance hota hai 180k ohms ka


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