How to Install Windows 7 in UEFI Mode (Complete Tutorial)


How to Install Windows 7 in UEFI Mode (Complete Tutorial)
Hi guys, here I showed up how to install windows 7 in UEFI mode on a new generation computer. But keep in mind that Windows 7 kernel which is always best for BIOS-based computer, I mean for legacy BIOS Mode, and one more important thing, installing a UEFI copy of Windows 7 is not as simple as installing a UEFI copy of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. But don’t worry, this video will definitely help you to install windows 7 on your UEFI-based computer.


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  1. In rufus 3.9 after selecting any windows iso file i lose the ability to select GPT. MBR is the only option i have. I do have the gpt option on my linux iso files but not windows (xp, 7 or 8). Please help.

  2. thanks very much coz my laptop boots very long on legacy and faster on UEFI so i can use my second os as windows 7

  3. What about secure boot? Will it work on Windows 10 / Windows 7 GPT dual boot system?

  4. ¿Does this work with UEFI and NTFS mode? , it's just that FAT32 it's not available when i try to use the rufus

  5. Probably the best explanation and most satisfyingly solution to the 64bit windows 7 boot problem, in an UEFI system with a GPT partitioning 🙂 Thanks a TON!

  6. Dear Sir, I have 64bit software and my laptop is HP Pavilion. It has NTFS file sytem, Does the file sytem used in the presentation is appropriate to my laptop?

  7. Hey, there is no install.wim in sources (or anywhere else – checked with 2 different Win7 ISOs), ya fug – downvoted, this is a useless scam…so typically indian, blaimy!!!


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