How to Install Memory and SSD in Asus Eee PC Netbook (Video)


How to install memory and a Solid State Drive and a RAM memory upgrade in an Asus Eee PC Netbook Computer. Learn more on:



  1. HI, I have eee pc 701 4g which motherboard does not have socket for an SSD installation but has a place to solder-in such socket. Can you tell what socket should i buy and type of SSD I can install?

  2. Hello!Can you tell me,please,what kind of ssd type it is inside?I want to upgrade my eee pc 901 and dont know what type off ssd i must buy. Does it worth to upgrade him?Thank you!

  3. Hi, I have a reasonably new desktop and I want to clone this ssd before I format it and try a different os by putting it into my desktop, however is this going to work as I'm sure my computer only accommodates SATA hdds????

  4. I noticed, that some people do not get how to buy a proper RAM – make a video about
    Crucial upgrade configurator on, about how to use it step by step and
    about why they need it.

  5. However it is offered as an accessory to upgrades on crucial site. It costs "50 cents", it is small and portable.
    Do not forget about the protection )))

  6. I want to ask only one thing ))
    When I watch such videos, I always ask myself – WHERE is the grounded ESD PROTECTION ??? (probably on the leg – so you can't see it on the camera ))) )
    I want ot scream to every body – "you must have that thing, otherwise, it is possible, that your notebook or netbook will not start after such upgrade'.I know that guy is the professional, I can tell that by how handsome he is with the screws, but nobody tells you about ESD protection.

  7. Don't count on it. Netbooks have integrated graphics cards and no PCI or PCI-E card slots. This means you can't upgrade the already suuuuuuper low end graphics that pretty much all netbooks come with. If a netbook does have the CPU and GPU needed to do video editing, HD playback or gaming then it'll cost about as much as a laptop that will have better components and a lot more upgrades available. Look around newegg and other such sites for a $400-500 laptop. It'll do what you want and more.

  8. please help i want to upgrade my lgx130 netbook it has a 1gb of ram .. i wan't to know what is the max/ideal ram upgrade thanks I subscribe :))

  9. I read a comment on another vid that all it takes (a bit scary to do but it works 'cause I did it like a yr ago) is an upgrade of the BIOS, found at I looked & found no setting for RAM in my 901. Just a suggestion if anyone else has a prob with their ram upgrade/replacement.

  10. does it matter, if you know, in which model of eeepc you're upgrading the ram? It's my only comp & I'm trying to see if changing out the present ram with new ram will fix a prob of laggy video/rendering. I can't afford to be as thorough as you've been.

  11. This is all well and good, but you fail to mention one very important thing:

    After upgrading RAM on an eeePC you have to go into BIOS and disable/enable a few things to get the PC to recognize the new RAM.

    That would have been super helpful to know and would have saved me from trying EVERY brand of RAM on the market…

  12. My laptop's processor is Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU T2250 1.73GHz with 512MB RAM. Will there be an increase in performance if I add 2GB RAM to it?? My laptop is very slow. I really need help.

  13. Hello is the 1015BX good can it run games like half life 2 and gta san andreas? Please make a review of it if you can 🙂

  14. Thx for the quick answer. The problem is…that it doesn't has a memory slot, it's attached to the motherboard. So what you presented to me needs a memory slot. I have to ask again, in this case is it possible the upgrade?

  15. haha danielpila, that is called and m-sata ssd drive, i am crazy to have one. not too many people know about it. my favorite configuration is an netbook with a m-sata port and a regular sata port – msata for the boot drive (about 30-60gb) and 500gb in the sata port. but i did not find any netbook where that is possible
    maybe somebody here has a hint for my, would be grateful!

    regards to all people who are keen on SCREWING ;D

  16. i built my computer using a magnetized screwdriver, they become magnetized over time. When you repair things for people your not going to buy a fresh screw driver just because of a weak magnetic force enough to hold a screw.

  17. @asifrocker2012 hdd but with no moving parts. some times comes in the form of a pcie card (like a wifi card but for storage not network)

  18. So there is possible to instal more than 2gb ram? I red somewhere, that it suports just 2…
    and for replacing 1 with 2gb ram, you should just go to bios and save the change, nothing else…. I got this computer pritty cheap, so, what would you recomend me to make the specification the best as possible? regards

  19. Well, I have an Asus EEC PC Netbook and bought the 2gb (I have 1 gb) and followed instructions. When I charged the netbook, it wouldn't start! Can't that machine take 2gb? I don't understand why it won't boot up….switched back to 1 gb and it starts up.

  20. I did check their site and nada on how to gain more useability. I have had several netbooks and only running 1GB n got better performance than what I'm seeing. However, some of my issues did indeed have to do with my internet connectivity. @ the time of my last post Sprint was upgrading their network to 4G. My Acer netbooks were able to adequately run a graphic intensive video editing programs good enuf when I didn't or couldn't use my desktop. Just seems like a gip. Thanx 4 responding tho.

  21. I recently upgraded my Asus EeePC dimm memory to 4 GB but only 2 GB appear as useable, any suggestions for how to gain more useable memory. The performance is unimpressive and really haven't experience any significant gain in speed. Very disappointing. I've installed it correctly as it 4 GB DOES properly shows up in the BIOS and in the system properties when you boot into Windows. However, videos buffering still crawls. My Acer performed better with only 1GB of RAM. Please advise.

  22. hello do you know if i can replace the ssd with a hard drive ? i dont want the ssd cause i dont need speed i need space. thanks

  23. hi guys i need some help for my Asus Eee pc series model 701. when do i start sorry for my enlish speaking ^^. i reformat my notebook coz its has a deepfreeze that cant open its console after i reformat it it went out that my hard disk 4gb went down or meaning to say its has no free space on it i was so confused why its happens after i install a windows xp pro. pls help


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