How To Get: Free 18650 Lithium Cells From Dead Laptop Batteries


In this video I’ll show you how to get free lithium ion 18650 cells from old and dead laptop batteries. I’m ripping a part only dead or no more usable laptop batteries. Lots of them are a bust, but some of them still had good cells inside.

Link to my home made 18650 cells charger:

SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 6A Balance Charger:

SKYRC iMAX B6 mini Balance Charger:

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  1. Interesting! I've learned new things here. I'm also writing about batteries here:


  3. Good shit. I took apart some power tool batteries that refuse to charge and now I have more than a dozen fully functional 18650 cells

  4. Old batteries develop a very high internal resistance so it wastes lot of energy in charging and discharging … reducing the over all efficiency of the cells… not a good idea to use in solar applications where u want to keep as much energy possible!

  5. I got an ad for a site sponsored by battery powered tool manufacturers that says to always buy OEM…
    It's sponsors are:
    We need to band together against that crap and force them to use standard specifications. Even worse is that several of these are owned by the same parent company, often manufactured in the same plant and still there are 100s of unnecessarily incompatible tool batteries (usually just an extra tab here or there)
    How many different battery packs do you have?

  6. Get some 18650 wraps from any local vape store (they usually give them for free) and rewrap them at home with a heat gun and they'll be almost as good as new.

  7. They're usually called "dead" for a reason. Sometimes one cell will fail and the rest will still be usable, but just be wary that they are probably pretty worn and may be close to failure. I wouldn't use recycled lithium cells for anything remotely important or high-demand.

  8. Thanks for posting. Some 18650s on eBay claim to be 3000 and 5800ma. How believable are those ratings?

  9. Very impressive…but I've been reading some comments below will not use for vaping but really fucking impressive dude👍👍👍

  10. You are more lucky finding a good capacity lithium battery from an old cell phone than an old laptop battery. 90% of 18650 cells from laptops are crap and usually measure in the 500-1000mah'ish range

  11. Is there an easy way to get scrap laptop batteries? Ebay they are quite expensive and have huge postage costs, when you ask local recycling centres they just reply 'we only sell to licenced authorized recycling companies'

  12. You can sometimes revive dead batteries on the charger by just letting them charge and testing the voltage and capacity a couple weeks later.

  13. That is the worst way of dismantling an electronics component. Instead try to give a fuck about what you do. Like de-soldering instead of wiggling and stuff.


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