How to Fix Laptop Battery “Plugged in, Not Charging”


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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you an easy way to troubleshoot the problem of laptop battery showing “plugged in, not charging”, especially if you are dealing with a battery that has been functional and suddenly begins to show this message. In this video the following suggestions were covered:

1. Check your power adapter, here you need to check that the power parameters of your adapter match the power requirements of your laptop, mainly the voltage and current parameters.
2. Check that the battery interface connector is clean and that there is proper contact between the battery and the connector.
3. Reinstall all Microsoft ACPI compliant control method battery listings in the device manager. These include the PCIE and AC Adapter drivers.
4. Recalibrate your battery.
5. Check if it is overheating for both your laptop and the battery.
6. Test with another battery
Tips on Longer Laptop Battery Life
1. Use the recommended adapter for your laptop.
2. Avoid apps or games that cause your battery to discharge very rapidly.
3. Occasionally take the opportunity to let the battery drain completely through normal use especially if you have your laptop constantly plugged to AC source.
8. Replace the WiFi card module.


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  2. Thank you for the guide. The uninstall and restart method did the trick for. Saved me trouble of going to a technician.

  3. Please my samsung i3 laptop charges when it off, but when i turn it on , it stop charging and shutdown less than an hour, what could be the fault please

  4. I bought new charger to laptop long story broken original
    While I play a game it heat up from airvent it shut down my laptop told me a message I forgot say press never message again to press F3 n little accident drop laptop little in floor the back battery pop out case it not damage at all
    Now soon later a couple days now say plug in not charging still 0% I don't know what to do problem is heat problem but since at night time I let the thing plug in and Regen it self by charging In morning it 1% or 2% only

  5. I have tried all of these tips and tricks: taking out the battery, doing a hard reset, draining the battery, updating the drivers, disabling the drivers, updating the bios. Sometimes you just have to do a hard reset on your pc and wipe all your apps and files before fixing the problem. This last thing is the only thing that worked for me.

  6. What about tablets, I have a Samsung only 2 yrs old won't charge properly, any suggestions please and thank you!

  7. Well, I haven't even watched this video and I fixed it. It might work for other laptop users. Just unplug the charger, restart your laptop, let it load up, try charge it and if it doesn't work, try again and blow into the charger to make sure there's nothing blocking it (aka dust).

  8. My laptop says “No Battery detected”while I have battery inside
    It again has information “Windows not Genuine “ then lastly,”Shift”key not working.Whoever can help I will appreciate.I use windows 7,Sony Vaio

  9. Modern Laptops have batteries that can not be removed. Your laptop may have come with software that controls the laptops hardware, overclocking battery etc. Check the battery settings in this software, mine had 3 settings: Charge only when below 60%, Charge at 80% or Charge to Full. The software will stop charging from occurring at the set percentage and will cause the issue posted in the title of this video


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