How To Draw A Leaf | Step by Step For Beginners


How To Draw A Leaf Step by Step For Beginners

In this video you’ll learn “how to draw a leaf” step by step for beginners

I believe that anyone can draw and my goal is to inspire you and challenge you while you’re learning to draw with me.


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  1. This channel welcomes anyone who wanna learn to draw,  
    Let’s create something awesome together.
    Favorite Art Supplies ➡️
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  2. Swear to god all art channels are bloody spastic. Move your big scaly hands out of the way so I can see what you are actually doing. Don't call it "How to draw a leaf" if you won't let us see how you draw it. Actually take breaks when you draw each line so people viewing can see how to do it. You should've made it clear you need one of those white pencil looking things because I was half way in and had to rub it all out because I don't have one of those dog bog looking things. How the fuck is it for beginners when you firstly wont move your big hand and secondly that big white shading thing. No beginner has that pencil so like get some common sense. All these art channels are a bunch of circus apes needing to be tamed. It's a fucking leaf, stop trying to look all good at art and like you know what you're doing. Learn to record an art video and then make more videos because this video is dreadful. Bye!

  3. Hi, may I know what pencil and paper are you using? HB or 2HB pencil? Is that a blender? I hope you can provide some info. Thanks


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