How an RGB LED works and how to use one! | Basic Electronics


Ever want to learn how an RGB LED works? RGB LEDs are awesome because you can dynamically create basically any color of the rainbow. We wanted to do this quick overview so that you can better understand what they are and how to set them up. If you want to do this yourself, all the wiring and code used in this example are on our website, here:

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Table of Contents:
00:23 What is RGB LED?
00:42 What does RGB LED stands for?
01:13 How to get a certain color output with RGB LED?
02:23 What is the difference between a common anode and common cathode?
02:35 How to control each color in an RGB LED?
05:00 What to take into account when controlling the color output in an RGB LED?

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  1. sorry for bothering but I have many questions!
    I have a motherboard have 4 pin for RGB (+12v-R-G-B)
    I have a cpu cool which have 8x red leds 5mm
    I want to exchange them to RGB instead of red
    1- do I need 3x 470 ohm resistor for each led? or 3 are enough for all leds ?
    2- can I add RGB strip+ the previews 8 rgb Leds to this Circuit? (the rgb strip will include 6~8 leds only)
    I hope you reply me as soon as possible

  2. I watch your videos, and THIS is what I call Great content. Thank you very much. But the problem is that I don't have an Arduino and I would REALLY like to try this Project on Raspberry PI 4. Help is Appreciated.


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