Headphones Not Working? This Simple Cleaning Method Could Help! (iPhone, iPad, Android)

In this video, I show you a very simple method to clean out your headphone and lightning port on your iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone or tablet.

Warning – if you are concerned about damaging your device, don’t try this method and consult your manual, manufacturer or relevant genius.

This fix removes the dust, pocket lint, dirt and other “crud” that gets caught up in your input jacks over time and can help solve some common problems, including:
1. Headphones not working when plugged in
2. Headphones showing as plugged in even when not plugged in
3. Headset microphone or button not working
4. Lightning or charger port connects and disconnects frequently
5. Lightning or charger port does not connect at all

The method shown in this video helps remove the foreign particles that get caught up in your device over time, which cause the pins and poles of your headphones and data connectors to not connect properly, resulting in errors and issues.

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