Headphones Not Working? This Simple Cleaning Method Could Help! (iPhone, iPad, Android)


In this video, I show you a very simple method to clean out your headphone and lightning port on your iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone or tablet.

Warning – if you are concerned about damaging your device, don’t try this method and consult your manual, manufacturer or relevant genius.

This fix removes the dust, pocket lint, dirt and other “crud” that gets caught up in your input jacks over time and can help solve some common problems, including:
1. Headphones not working when plugged in
2. Headphones showing as plugged in even when not plugged in
3. Headset microphone or button not working
4. Lightning or charger port connects and disconnects frequently
5. Lightning or charger port does not connect at all

The method shown in this video helps remove the foreign particles that get caught up in your device over time, which cause the pins and poles of your headphones and data connectors to not connect properly, resulting in errors and issues.

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  1. 1. Click this link for a shorter version (less than 4 mins) showing this method – https://youtu.be/W8zlSNs1-c8
    2. Jump to 5:40 in this video to see the actual method
    3. Watch from the start to see if this may help with your problem.
    4. Need toothpicks? – https://amzn.to/2UKhcL7

  2. I tried this and the earphone's sound is like half-plugged. Is it the earphone's problem? tried using my earphone on another device and it sounded half-plugged too, any tips to fix it?

  3. Actually, at first my headphones would work properly but soon after a month or two they woul suddenly start to malfunction and even if i would use them in other devices, they would malfunction too. This has happened with my 2 headphones. So can you explain me why is this happening?

  4. Hi Pete, great video but any chance of a walk through (if pos) when your head phone snaps off and is lodged inside your headphone IPod Jack?. Any help of any kind much appreciated.

  5. My headphone only work when i hold it in certain position.
    Help me in this quarantine….
    My headphone only work when i hold it in certain position.
    Help me in this quarantine….

  6. I scraped out the crud and there was very little of it, so I plugged my headphones back in, but it still wasn't working! I wonder if I did something wrong🤔

  7. Omg thank you sooooo much for making this video it helped me alot with my headphone jack I pulled so much lint from there that I was shocked how it got there. Now my headphones work and don't pop back out once I plug them in thank you again kind sir. You made my day brighter!

  8. My ears buds are new, but I kept pushing the old one and I guess it got lose on the inside. I have to put preasure on my plug in to get it to work, but as soon as stop putting preasure on my headphone input it goes to dis echo sound, you can't hear the music at all.

  9. My phone does recognize my headphones, I know cause the small headphone icon appears at the top left side of the notification bar, the problem is it can't play sound of any kind of media. 😭😭😭 I need help.

  10. I'm getting that headphone notification up top in my phone obviously not a jack problem but still it ain't working

  11. When I plug my headphones in my ipad the sound only comes through the speakers I tried this technique but it didn't work

  12. Uhhh….I thought that none of these would work so I savagely bit down into my headphones to see if anything was unplugged…. Turns out it was my earphone jack and I completely broke it 😭😭


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