(Guide) How to Create a Windows 7 UEFI Boot Stick


Heres a Guide showing you how to create a Windows 7 UEFI Boot Stick. This is useful if your planning on dual Booting with OS X/macOS on your Hackintosh. Its always better to have both Windows & Clover in UEFI.

Link to download Windows 7 ISO

Link to download Virtual Clone

Link to download 7-Zip

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  1. Tried it and not a laptop with n3350 boots untill the windows flashing logo. Now it stays stuck there. I will try to add usb 3.0 nvme and other drivers to the usb stick and see what will happens.

  2. Before you boot from a bootable USB thumb driver, you must prepare your BIOS before hand if you want to clean install with UEFI/GPT. You need to enable UEFI (and disable Legacy Mode and/or CSM Mode) Also, you need to enable the UEFI Boot Devices which also includes your HDD/SSD and your USB thumb drive. Also, your Sata drives must be set to AHCI (not IDE or RAID). Also in the BIOS, if you're installing Windows 7, you must disable Secure Boot. Then when you boot with the thumb drive inserted, you must go directly into Boot Menu and select the UEFI USB thumb drive.

  3. Does not work on laptops with UEFI only, I think I`m giving up… theres no way to install any windows besides 8.1 or 10

  4. Worked great but there was a hurdle along the way – the installer couldn't find drivers. To fix this, I disabled some Legacy USB setting in the bios and the installation went smoothly

  5. Thanks. Great tutorial. But I think I need to add either NVME or USB drivers. I can not get past the the Windows, no drivers found message, just after the install begins? The same result occurs on both USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports so the assumption is missing NVME driver. The drive in question is an Samsung 960EVO. Can you address the USB and NVME issues? The goal is to boot Win7 from NVME.


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