fresh install Windows 10 onto panasonic cf-52 toughbook


my toughbook originally had x86 (32-bit) Windows on it but because it’s i5 based chipset (64-bit) I wanted to install Windows x64 onto it.

fortunately, i previously upgraded the factory installed 32-bit Windows 7 Pro for free to 32-bit Windows 10 Pro.

since a Windows activation key can be used for either x86 or x64 versions I decided to go a fresh install of x64 Windows 10 Pro so that I can upgrade the toughbook memory to 8GB and have the OS see it all.

so, that’s what i did and this is how long it took …



  1. Hello I'm Janvier Ritchy Emmanuel I congratulate you for the videos and for your channel I would like you to help me please I have a personal computer Panasonic model CF-C1 it's been 4 years that I use it and it works very well I always updated it
    Yesterday I saw a message on the screen telling me that from January 14, 2020 I will not be able to update the windows 7 professional who is on I would like to know what will happen to the computer and how I can work with from that date please help me.
    I am a student in medicine i live in haiti and all my documents are on it is my traveling library so please help me
    My email is
    Please help me

  2. I know this video was posted yrs ago, but I never heard a startup sound or any sound, so I take it the sound did not work on yours either. Has anyone got sound to work on the cf-52 with windows 10?

  3. Sadly the older mk1 is a no-go with Windows 10. It uses ATI HD2300 video card which has no drivers under Windows 10.

  4. I just ordered the cf-52 with Windows 7 installed. Why is it that I am seeing most of these with that paticular operating system? Is there a reason. Will I be able to install Windows 10 on my TOUGHBOOK cf-52?


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