Fnatic Rainbow Six Siege’s Virtue Unboxes the Lenovo T530


Fnatic Rainbow Six Siege’s Virtue unboxes the Lenovo T530 featuring an AMD Ryzen™ processor and Radeon™ graphics.


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  1. i'd take this down if it's meant as a promotional video.
    there are clear contradictions in his story that plenty of gamers will pick up on, if not then the unenthusiastic response and the fact that he takes the system out of the box and starts reviewing it without so much as plugging a single cable in would stil deter any person from buying based on this video.

    what this video shows most clearly is how poorly it was done and that never inspires trust…
    edit: (and this is coming from someone who's been waiting for zen2 ever since jim (and der8auer) speculated about 16 core desktop CPU's 3 years ago, can't wait to buy one but certainly not because of something like this)

  2. Not the best CPU Nor the best GPU but The best for price surely ! dont make pro players lie it ruin the esport guys !!!!

  3. Blah blah blah perfect. Blah blah blah perfect…. Uhhh. Kind of a useless video. Focusing on response time over raw FPS is good

  4. He didn't have a clue, let's be honest. His voice sounded like print and paper, reading a script in one take lmao. I am team red but cmon this was a horrible ad for what it is.

  5. I really like the agressive but minimalistic design of the case, but I think the best part is the deaf morning voice of this guy.


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