Flashback To Epic Game 7 Ending Between Cavaliers And Warriors | Final Minutes


LeBron James’ block. Kyrie Irving’s shot.

A look back at one of the most iconic NBA Finals game of all-time.

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  1. the scariest thing about this series is that no one mention how rigged it was…………Starting from the 3-1 lead, it was totally rigged. Suspended green after lebron complained, 6 fouls on curry, inconsistent call between 2 teams……This year ruined the upcoming NBA seasons .

  2. Warriors blew a 3-1 finals lead to the Cavs. Warriors have a 3-1 finals record vs the Cavs. A lot of relevance in 3-1

  3. The Cavs-Warriors could have been the modern day Lakers-Celtics. I respect Durant as a player but his move to GS (which he had a right to do) ruined one of the greatest finals rivalries in NBA history because the the two teams were balanced

  4. Not impressed, the cavs got whooped in 2017 and got massacred in 2018. 2017 was supposed to be a sweep but the piece of dogs**t refs had to help the cavs win game 4

  5. Jr smith defensively recovers to the paint forcing iggy to readjust… If not for that thats a 2 pt shot going in. And possibly a different conversation. So salute to Jr smith on that play.


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