Fix Bluetooth Not Showing in Device Manager icon Missing in Windows 10/8/7


How to Fix Bluetooth Device Not Showing in Device Manager in Windows PC

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  1. You went a little too fast and I had to rewind a few times but your video was the most helpful out of the others I tried because it covered several possible solutions. Thanks a mil!!

  2. im sure that i had tried everything until i realized that intel had its own download for bluetooth. Thank you so much

  3. Could you please help me? When i am in the device manager, and i click on action , i have only the button help and nothing else, moreover i dont have bluetooth in the list. I've tried the first method and without success

  4. The way I fixed my issue was by literally turning off the computer and cutting the power entirely for a few seconds. Seems like my dumbass Asus X99 Strix wasn't able to properly communicate with Windows (the other dumbass in this equation) and get the Bluetooth device detected. Restarting didn't work, as i've installed and reinstalled tons of drivers and followed the proper procedure of restarting the machine at the end of every setup. It took me hours to figure out all I had to do is to literally TURN IT OFF and on again.

  5. There is one way you can achieve it – just go to BIOS settings after restarting the computer and check out the system configuration or try to find the menu which includes all the built-in devices. From there you can easily disable exactly the built-in bluetooth adapter.



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