First Things to Do With a New Windows 10 Laptop | Kill Bloatware, Lock it Down, Make it Epic


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  1. hi im getting legion y7000SE today and i dont know how to identify which are bloatwares. can you help me identify bloatwares and which are important ones i need?

  2. You know.. Instructions are very unclear! you can be good at what your doing but if you don't know how to bring it to us the people then you are not fitted for this job. You go to fast and you say you will put it in description but you didn't. So men really take a deep breath and make your next video understandable.

  3. SLOW DOWN! Your talking so fast I thought it was on FFWD/PLAY. Can't understand a damn word your saying. (ya I know I can pause it) Guess I'll just install Chrome OS on my old pos laptop instead of buying a new one.

  4. That was ridiculous. In order to really clean your pc up, just make a bootable usb drive mit Windows 10 ISO and install it after erasing everything on your computer. Then download the required drivers little by little or bring them with your USB stick. Those programs like decrapifier are loads of junk full of spyware. Just do the obvious, erase the machine entirely and reinstall vanilla windows. Then download necessary drivers and voila!

  5. Is this computer only used for games ? Cuz someone asked for it for a gift since they going to study software engineering.

  6. Someone asked for this computer as a soft ware Ingeneer since they going to study for this . But damn it’s way expensive and im like hmm I’m iffy if that’s what is used for ?? Or is it only used for games only ??

  7. So basically buy a couple of bloatware programs you will never need again, to uninstall the other bloatware. Ok… You get commission on those?

  8. Hi! Great video. Thank you for sharing! I just bought a new high-end MSI from Best Buy – don't judge me it was at a great price despite all the add-on garbage they put in it – I am concerned about removing the necessary drivers for the PC. I would also like to keep MSI's stuff as well, like what controls the keyboard's backlight colors, etc. Will the windows "reset" thing where you do a clean wipe affect the drivers on my new computer and I have to search/reinstall a bunch of stuff? I have used PCDecrapifier before, but found that there are some things that get past it. Not sure which way to go… I appreciate the support! 🙂

  9. I am English and I really enjoyed the medieval Monty Pythonesque British accent in your video. 😀 Made me chuckle.


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