Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download Android & iOS – Road to the Black Sea (2019)


Hey guys! Today you can learn how to download Euro Truck Simulator 2 on android and ios devices.

How can it be?
The Euro Truck Simulator 2 game can be installed as apk or config file on android.If you are using android you can download it straight away. After the game loads the files and you are ready to start you have to install two applications to verify your device. For iOS is kind of the same, except you have to install the configuration profile mobileconfig and allow it in the settings.

Basically, this is simply just the game installer. This won’t improve your skills or aim and make you any better player on ets2 android. If you need to tips before getting started read here:

– Cruise control is important. It can cost you a lot of time if you are driving under speed limits and you might get violations when wandering out of the lines.
– Try to purchase a volvo truck that have a high baseline HP. Cheap one likes Iveco are good but they lack a lot. Try to save up the extra money because it is worth it in the long run.
– Don’t bother upgrading the place you chose as your home garage because it will get boring anyway. Try to save so you can afford your garage, for example in Luxembourg. There are a lot of close trading cities and low fuel price.

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Official Media of Euro Truck Simulator 2 :


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  1. Hey guys, is the official site. It is working on android & ios devices as of 27th December 2019. Enjoy and don't forget to subscriber!


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