Drone Cam 2-Stroke Enduro Gameplay | MXGP 2019 Game


Drone cam catching some Enduro action on the Playground in MXGP 2019. This is my “Hard Enduro 3” Waypoint course in MXGP 2019 for PC. As always riding the Husqvarna TC 250 2-Stroke.

Thanks to Leone 291 for the Unreal Engine Information:

Check out Pay2021 for the original mod and others:

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“Stroke of Luck” purchased and used by permission of Audio Hero (

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  1. Damn bro i love the hard enduro soo much milestone should give you the ressources to make a red bull sea to sky track

  2. Bad ass!! Keep pushing the hard enduro, Resolute!! It will be noticed by Milestone and honestly this looks better than all their teaser trailers. Wicked cool, man!! This is the reason I'm keeping this game.

  3. Man I hope you blow up with all these GP19 videos, you’re clearly putting in heaps of effort hopefully it’ll start to pay off!


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