Don't buy TV before you watching this (IPS LG vs VA samsung)


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Video ini adalah video kompare antara 2 jenis layar yang digunakan untuk LED TV

IPS Panel vs Va Panel

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  1. I LOVE MY NEW LG IPS TV. THE IPS HATERS CAN GO SCREW THEMSELVES. MY TV HAS INCREDIBLE BLACKS, CONTRAST, VIEWING ANGLES, & COLOR ACCURACY! I've never seen "blooming", "shadows" or whatever they claim that you see on IpS screens. It performs beautifully in all room lighting conditions as well!

  2. This is complete waste of time. Who is going to hit or heat their home TV? And the consumption doesn't matter. It's negligible to the price of the TV and given the fact that all TVs now have very low consumption, it's not a criteria at all.

  3. These tests are not for real life usage. What matters in real life is low price, good photo / video, warranty. VA are generally cheaper, offer good viewing because of darker blacks, and have the same warranty as ips. I think VA wins clearly

  4. Hi guys! Why LG are make your new 4K TVs with VA screem now?! For exemple: The model 50UM7360PSA. Is better technology in 2019? Thanks a lot.

  5. Check out the damaged screen TV's on eBay, then find out if they are more lg (ips) or Samsung and others for VA !!

  6. I guess we're supposed to overlook the fact the guy hitting the VA panel on the left is hitting it harder and from farther away??????…..use a more scientific approach.

  7. Ahahah, no one is buying ips.That black on VA!No one walk on their panels and no one watch them with light source 2cm from panel.What a joke LG you are.


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