Do Laptop Cooling Pads Even Work?


Do laptop coolers actually provide much additional cooling? I decided to find out! I used my Asus FX502VM laptop along with a Targus Chill Mat to see how much additional cooling was provided. MSI Afterburner was used to monitor temperatures. Thanks so much for watching and be sure to post your results in the comment section down below (and if you wanna subscribe that’d be awesome too)!
Laptop Tested:

Cooling Pad Tested!

5 Fan Cooling Pad!

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  1. if you're here looking for a solution for overheating laptop ! Here is my research results after long time
    Under Volting + new better quality thermal paste + a cooling pad or vac will solve your problems, if not then throw your laptop because there is no hope

  2. My ASUS TUF's fan noise really give me a worry when i play GTA 5, Battlefield, mafia 3, far cry 5,etc.. on high/ ultra graphics. Is it normal? should i consider a cooling pad?? pls reply. thanks

  3. Just really depends on the laptop and how its designed my msi laptop has many vents on the bottom and a cooling pad drops me about 7-8c and keeps the keyboard area much cooler. My laptop has a 8750h and 1070 and trying to cool both in a small laptop is hard

  4. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best laptop cooler hope it helps you out too!"

  5. I use my laptop on my bed and just elevating it makes it a lot cooler. Seeing as you can get a cooling pad for cheaper then a lap desk sometimes I feel like it is a worthwhile thing because even if the fans cool a little bit, keeping it off the mattress will also cool it substantially simply for the small amount of money.

  6. soory but this video is not 100% correct because it need more detailed than the just shown min/max temperature , soory man

  7. You might have cooler results by not having it run, and just let the natural ventilation work with actual room to exit because of the holes typical in these pads. Most laptops stupidly have additional ventilation on the bottom, so keeping it on a pad without blowing air in different directions back into the vent is probably something that would yield better results.

  8. Should i go for it ??/…..i have the Msi ge70 2pe gaming laptop whose temps go upto 89- cpu and 91-gpu while gaming…

  9. I have the same laptop as yours and i use architectural softwares like sketchup and 3ds max and i play games on it too..should i buy a cooling pad?

  10. i know i may sound like a technitian but im simply a pc enthusiast . download intel extreme tuning utility and undervolt your cpu to get cooler temps . usualy you can do just about the same with a gpu . just watch guides to be sure how to do it , but in my opinion never start undervolting past -0.25v . so start undervolting @ -0.25v and work your way up (or down depending of your way to interpret the sens given) to -0.30v then -0.35v and up like this incrementally , until your computer freeze (hard lock) or blue screen (BSOD) then use the last stable negative voltage . YOU HAVE TO STRESS TESS THE CPU BETWEEN EACH UNDERVOLTING INCREMENT FOR AT LEAST 10MINS TO SEE IF ITS STABLE . you can use the provided stress test with the utility that you downloaded (intel extreme tuning utility) . also only use the cpu stress test cuz you want to know the cpu stability and heat , not the entire system heat output .

    then you would be able to thank me and the youtuber dave lee (dave2d) for reminding me that undervolting is not only usefull in gpu mining for cryptocurrencies but also laptop temperature 😀 have a great day or weekend depending of the circumstances 🙂

  11. when you game, does the bottom of your laptop get hot to the touch? And how long after do you start hearing your fans after you launch a game?


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