DIY 7 Segment Digital Clock

UPDATE 2018/04/21:
I’ve created a new 3D printed version, the source from that Arduino sketch can also be used when building a clock like the one in this video (it basically works the same). Check it out here: Link to that GitHub page: Be aware that the 3D printed version is not very bright in daylight situations where the one in this video is ok at daylight.

UPDATE 2018/02/12:
I’ve uploaded the code to my GitHub page. Enjoy and if you made one yourself it would be great if you send me some pictures! 😀

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This is a video about making a homemade 7 Segment Digital Clock. The clock can be controlled with a custom made app that’s wirelessly connected to the clock through bluetooth. For cutting out the pieces I’ve used my homemade CNC machine. Components that I’ve used are:

Arduino (Nano)
Bluetooth module: HC-05
Real time clock: DS3231
LED strip: WS2812B 1 meter 30 RGB LED’s
Temperature and Humidity Sensor: DHT11

The schematic and source code can by found on my GitHub page:

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