DIY: 2012-2017 Toyota Camry – LED Headlights Installation Enlight SolarFlare


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  1. I’ll rather just get those whiteish halogens because they have a farther reach down the road specially in the projectors.

  2. What about the high beam. When you engage the high beam you will have a white led and yellow high beam. How did you take care of the high beam?

  3. God you have it easy in that model..In Australia with the hybrids they use a H7 requiring you to modify fiddly aftermarket clips for the leds AND requiring the complete removal of the left hand headlight to install anything in it as there is less than an inch between the rear of the headlight housing and the fuse box! its a pita!

  4. Hi how r u doing. Do u have a video showing how to install the fog lights in led also I have a 2016 camry also i would like to purchase for top and bottom thank you.

  5. how does it compare to CREE XHP50 ?

    HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11(H8,H9),CREE XHP50 9600lm 6K Cool White,2 Yr Warranty

  6. ok i have a 2016 Camry Atara SX and while this video shows an easy installation on both sides my Camry however has a plastic surround which on one side is still easy to install the new bulb but on the other side the gap between the plastic surround of the light and the fuse box is too narrow for the fan part of the light to pass through :/ do i have to remove the light assembly to make enough room as i did manage to squeeze the body of the light through the gap but in doing so i scratched 3 of the LEDs 🙁 but the bulb still didnt going into its position 🙁

  7. I applaud your effort in bringing to the market a LED bulb that provides a good beam pattern. A tall feat especially when there are many factors that play into achieving that goal. Why are lumens a factor in your bulb design? It is meaningless unless the light can be focused appropriately. In fact most OEM designed headlamps with an LED light source do not produce more lumens than a conventional 55w halogen. But when you compare the illumination zones of the photometric points as defined by DOT & ECE you can see that the LED effectively exceeds values given by halogen (even with a tested 800lm LED source). All in thanks to optical engineering. The aftermarket has to work harder because they have to design a LED light source that will work as good or better than a halogen bulb in a complex or elliptical reflector designed FOR a halogen light source. The key is not to produce a LED bulb that can emit high lumens but rather a LED bulb that is engineered for a reflector body. Surface area of illumination is critical because once light is introduced in a sector of the reflector where it was not intended to illuminate it will greatly distort the shape of the beam. An improvement of lighting has to not only maintain the exact shape of the beam but increase visibility at the points in which the driver will see better while also ensuring this light does not exceed glare values.

  8. do you have a bi xenon kit available for 2017 Ram 2500 with projectors? it does NOT have drl option. I do not see it on your website, I bought some for my 2014 and was very happy with them.

  9. I'm puzzled why you chose to offer a bulb that uses an array with twice the luminance surface area. Essentially creating a light element that does not mimic a tungsten filament. Was the 6 chip version not good enough? The surface area of 3 Luxeon Z ES chips tightly packed is as good as one can get in size proximity to a filament. While the Camry halogen projector appears to handle and focus the LED light similarly to halogen I can see an issue – excessive foreground. Clearly most of the increased brightness is concentrated towards the bottom half of the beam, directly underneath the hot spot. This isn't really usable light to a driver but rather a false sense of perceived better lighting. Since it will affect the drivers ability to see properly at greater distances. I'm curious to know what lux measurements you registered for the Solar flare bulb. There does appear to have more shoulder light however I don't see much of a increase in the distance which is why I asked about the lux readings. This is what I can tell anyways from running screen shots of the road images under a thermal filter.


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