Dell XPS 15 (7590) 2019 Hands-On Review – The Creator's Dream Laptop? | The Tech Chap


The new 2019 Dell XPS 15 (7590) adds a gorgeous 4K OLED display, GTX 1650 and 9th gen Intel CPU, up to the 8-core i9 processor! They also updated the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 with a 16:10 design and 2x graphics performance! Buy Amazon US: | Amazon UK:

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  1. Dell's are fantastic on paper. Living with them and all of their problems, Dell's constant updates to fix them while breaking other things is exhausting. It usually takes about 9 months to a full year after release for the laptop to be a reliable device. I've had everyone since the 9530 (2013) and I think the 9570 (2018) may be my last one.

  2. That newer XPS 13 2-in-1 with a 4k 16:10 display looks like it'll be amazing. My only concern though is if 4k at 13 inches is too high for hidpi? 4k at 15 inches is hidpi, 3k at 13 inches I know is also hidpi, but would 4k at 13 inches be too much, making you use fractional scaling?

  3. Thin laptop with i9 and dedicated NVidia card > sure recipe for burnt desk/laps and throttling. Dell should pay peopel to use this not ask money for it lol. Horribly bad design. I am sure the savings of 1-2cm on thickness makes for the 1-2tonnes of cars people drive much easier to carry them…

  4. So not so different from the 9570 except for webcam and oled screen?!
    I would be shocked if it worked even close to 80% of its potential because of all the heat problems!

  5. DO NOT get DELL if you're a traveler or if you don't live in the US. Dell USA doesn't accept ANY payments that weren't issued from the US, which means BIG hassle if you wish to replace any part of your laptop in the future. Plus, Dell international sites are useless and they will just forward you to other stores. On top of it they aren't cheap, especially for the amount of hassle you'll be dealing with.

  6. I hate that my 9570 doesnt have a ethernet port and only two USB type-a. They should have added at least one usb or ethernet port….

  7. At this point, the XPS 15 is pointless. Specially with the new Alienware m15 model coming which is much better and also has a new design. Even if the new m15 throttles, I'll still buy it cause it will still be better than this one.

  8. Isn't the model number incorrect and should be 9570? I believe 7590 is the Inspiron model.
    If not then it's very confusing

  9. I'm watching this on my Dell XPS 15 9560 😉
    It's a good laptop, high quality and I edit my photos on it. I'm probably gonna buy another XPS 15 in the future.

  10. I've got a symetrical face and seem like a nice guy so I get a pass for shilling. No. Meanwhile these things are useless for music production, a use case that somehow gets completely ignored on YouTube.


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